last she saw Prissy coming

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Why didn’t she come? Why didn’t the doctor Artas Robotic Hair Transplantcome? She went to the window and looked again.
She listened hard and suddenly she wondered if it were only her imagination or if the sound ofcannon in the distance had died away. If it were farther away it would mean that the fighting wasnearer Jonesboro and that would mean—At down the street at a quick trot and she leaned out of the window.
Prissy, looking up, saw her and her mouth opened to yell. Seeing the panic written on the littleblack face and fearing she might alarm Melanie by crying out evil tidings, Scarlett hastily put herfinger to her lips and left the window.
“I’ll get some cooler water,” she said, looking down into Melanie’s dark, deep-circled eyes andtrying to smile. Then she hastily left the room, closing the door carefully behind her.
Prissy was sitting on the bottom step in the hall, panting.

“Wipe your disaster recovery eyes and get a fresh pitcher of water and go on up. Sponge her off. Tell her I’vegone for Dr. Meade.”
“Is her time nigh, Miss Scarlett?”
“I don’t know. I’m afraid it is but I don’t know. You should know. Go on up.”
Scarlett caught up her wide straw bonnet from the console table and jammed it on her head. Shelooked in the mirror and automatically pushed up loose strands of hair but she did not see her ownreflection. Cold little ripples of fear that started in the pit of her stomach were radiating outwarduntil the fingers that touched her cheeks were cold, though the rest of her body streamed perspiration.
She hurried out of the house and into the heat of the sun. It was blindingly, glaring hot and asshe hurried down Peachtree Street her temples began to throb from the heat. From far down thestreet she could hear the rise and fall and roar of many voices. By the time she caught sight of theLeyden house, she was beginning to pant, for MOOC her stays were tightly laced, but she did not slow hergait. The roar of noise grew louder.

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