Inside Geng Dongs bright head

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Inside Geng Dong's bright head "  Bang" The ground is loud.  
Geng DongLiang wants to run. However,Hong Kong Company he can not find the door. Have wall all around, have door, have only unfounded color and space, everywhere.  
Geng DongLiang is frightened out of one's wits, store the full and inhuman content in his sight. He cries out and shouts:  
"Drunkard! Drunkard! Drunkard! "  
The drunkard washed in at this fatal moment. He has embraced the east once washing in dedicatedly only. It is curled only in drunkard's naked chest in the east that dedicated. Tow of crying and say: "I am afraid   "
It is so bright as to go to the gate in the east that it is being dedicated that the drunkard is supporting, he moves out a hand, turns off the light. The universe has died, the whole world is very pitch-dark. Geng DongLiang says: "Don't unlock me   "
The drunkard has buried the following and gathered around in the east dedicatedly only, say softly: "Do not leave you. " Geng DongLiang breathes in his chest rapidly. The drunkard has opened the finger, stroke on Geng Dong's bright body gently, he comforts him whole-heartedly, but some have no way of doing it. The drunkard has kissed his auricle, four twitters repeatedly on Geng Dong's bright ear: "Do not leave you. " His lip is being slipped, kisses his brow ridge, his rib. His lip has found the bright lip of the east finally dedicatedly, Geng Dong's bright lip is very ice-cold. He has stuck to him. His lip has stuck to his lip tightly Beauty Box

 Geng DongLiang struggles at this time. His struggle shows violent and rude and unreasonable properties from beginning. His strength is bigger than that of the drunkard. As soon as he has shaken off his embrace, he overthrows the drunkard once. The drunkard is quiet in in a succession of Guangs. He must fall with a lot of incidentals in. Geng DongLiang stands sillily in the darkness, does not know what oneself does. After a while, Geng DongLiang has heard the voice that drunkards stood up. The drunkard says: "We went home. " The drunkard is speaking in this way but a person is going to the sitting room. He has opened the door of the sitting room, goes back over the head, say to Geng DongLiang: "We went home. " The drunkard's brow ridge place has been rushed open so long a blood hole of half a cigarette, the blood is being welled up outside, dye half a face of the drunkard's aglow. The drunkard seems not to know that bleeds oneself, in other words, I see, but pay no attention to, he is even not willing to wipe the finger, fumble. He looks at the east dedicatedly only, Geng DongLiang has already been stupefied, seized with terror there. The drunkard touches one's own wound, one's own blood with hands, his face becomes scarlet with finger. The drunkard smiles, extremely ferocious. Problems and benefit of Offshore Company The drunkard says calmly: "I know that will return you a wound, once blood. " The drunkard takes one steps forward after saying this sentence, say, " what's the matter with you? " Having finished saying this sentence, the drunkard has dashed forward again.  
Geng DongLiang's nerve texture has stretched out both hands, shout: "Don't come over, don't come over! "     

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