for a long time begin

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Get up, run, for a long time begin (1) The space of top university of U.S.A. is limited, the applicant rises continuously every year,Corporate banks the competition is fierce day by day. In the middle and primary schools of U.S.A., many young forerunners, their immature figure, have already put into competition ranks silently conscientiously. High school lower grade pupil take AP college course examination, enter high one level thinking train already there is no lack of such people. One ran to begin for a long time! Less than 1 month on grade five, the daughter tells her mother,sell in May and walk awaysince present, do not buy the lunch in the school restaurant, take lunch from home every day by oneself. I ask why, the daughter says, can't miss the lively talk at the lunch desk in order to line up to buy meals. Originally, the new term begins for odd weeks, a group of talkative friends formed and helped, sit around the fixed dining table while having lunch,sweetos chat about capturing a topic, each one gives play to one's own intelligence and wisdom and eloquence, gain others' respect and admire. The daughter says, that desk of hers is terribly lively, majorities are all " talents" The students of the class. One day, the daughter comes back to tell I, algebra that will in the high school this summer vacation, plan of her Forth Five-Year Plan Period of required course of high school at junior middle school stage, reach high school can utilize come course to climb to a high place the grade at the limited lesson, have more lessons AP if there is an opportunity later.berrybabe That is my first time to hear this word of AP. Understood later AP was a abbreviation of Advanced Placement, it means and orient leadingly, took college course in the middle school leadingly, someone calls that the university and builds the lesson first. The daughter said, was rushing to major in the lessons of the high school in junior middle school, could finish required course ahead of time after reaching the high school, can continue having AP course. Before graduating from the high school, if there is achievement of several APs, it is advantageous to apply for the university. It is in study leading for me to know, until teacher teach yet, others " leading " study, yet Teach oneself, of much good, not just very clear at that time to strengthening the child's self-confidence, have any goal leadingly finally. Now, she finds the answer by oneself. Always have a group of passionate and classmates of the aspiration around the daughter, learn future from each other, look forward to the future together. Say birds of a feather flock together, grapem peple of one mind fall into the same group, not false absolutely; With nobody, the ones that were held are some hearts. They not only chat idly on the dining table but also propagating the information related to studying, future in the future. She receives some new information, always comes back to tell us. Every night, always have news in her schools on the dining table of our family. I in grade seven in the daughter, that is to say she enters the first two years of the high school, arrange for her to take French and Spanish at the same time. These two subjects can be both regarded as the credit of high school, this is skip a grade not skipping a grade! Have the a lot more of lesson, accumulate the credit much, for a high school student, the effective high school credit can explain this student's study ability. Her school stipulates, the honor graduates to repair 24 credits. But no matter when and where you have built the credit that the school admits, can all write into the credit of high school. Finish the credit of high school, can major in AP course of the university.

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