With raising establishing

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At the end of January of 1958, parents got" rowed and wore, degraded and lowered the firewood " in pairs Treatment. It seems to have
Very spacious to father, dismissing from minister, vice-president of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), agro-industrial chairman of the Central Committee of the Ministry of Communications,
After the first vice-president of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, long nine posts of daily office of brightness, have kept specially "  National policy
The member of the standing committee of the association "  Post. Drop tertiarily to seven grades by the administration, have especially kept the Chinese courtyard house, car
, driver, guard, cook, oddjobs, secretary. It respects with social status compatriot to be the low, it show mainly often on
The thickness of the material treatment that power offers. Father not only belittle gets life kindness by politics but also. Send so
Fall, exceed the anticipation of the persons who bear greatly.

Time passed, years are long. Slowly, parents begin to chew out the heaviness of that cap and cap bottom
Sink in heavy life. It is the following one's power or setback of long standing and well established as China's history at first. Ones that are on intimate terms, kissing
Ones that cut, intimate, drift apart, dredge and separate, estranged one by one. Moreover, are on intimate terms to kiss cordially
Dense, the more drift apart and dredge and separate estrangedly more and more. For example, the old friend who participated in the Northern Expedition together in the twenties,
Jointly initiated in the thirties "  The Kuomintang revolutionary action committee temporarily "  The third partisan,the forties join
With raising establishing "  Group's alliance of China's democratic policy "  China Democratic League senior statesman. It seems they got to know at that time those years originally
Zhang Bojun, is a kind of mistake. Only '  19)The political trials and hardship in 57, has just set right their party
Course of the boat of sending and one's own life. See them criticize one's own pairs of distressed appearance that, even father
And then take the place of their regret.


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