3can not eat ice condition

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1, premenstrual or menstrual period
Uterine contraction caused by pain or easy, difficult to remove menstrual flow, menstrual period not shun long there will be problems.
In 2, after a meal
The intragastric temperature drops quickly,summer job dab4d60ck easily lead to bloating, cramps, diarrhea, indigestion, and even.
In 3, after strenuous exercise
Make a sudden contraction of blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea or abdominal pain.
Tips: ice on the voice is also exciting, people with asthma can not eat, prevent asthma relapse.
What should the ice, careful into frozen brain
Traditional Chinese medicine recommend eating ice not scientific concept, in fact it has previously had done a research volunteers, please drink ice water, drink immediately make a gastroscope, the lens from the esophagus and gastric mucosa under found are pale in color, this is the phenomenon of ischemic.
When mucosal ischemia causes two damage, is very susceptible to various viral or bacterial infection, whereas esophageal and gastrointestinal is the body receiving food 's first line of defense, so be careful; second is prone to micro mucosa edema, and this is the so-called" Chinese medicine spleen wet" phenomenon. A cold easily wet, some people will often diarrhea, others are chest tightness, loss of appetite, and internal dampness and form a wet, it may appear like rheumatism ache symptoms.
In addition to gastrointestinal function is not good, the ice will directly affect the various organs, such as the uterus of the female is susceptible, but leucorrhea becomes much outside, but also the formation of uterine blood stasis, and can cause dysmenorrhea. In fact, not only the Chinese think drink cold drink or eat? The ice is not good,chinese herbal product western medicine also shared this view, Chiayi Chang Gung hospital director of rehabilitation department experts said, foreign countries have a headache is called " frozen brain brainfreeze )", or " ice cream headache ( icecreamheadache )", is actually a rapid drinking ice water, ice caused by.
Neck and shoulder pain eating ice damage
Experts also believe that the ice will affect the ache disease is based on science, because the ice along the esophagus, after the adjacent muscle and surrounding tissues, will be from the normal body temperature is cold, which affects the local blood flow, reduce the blood circulation to take the cumulative tissue waste, thus caused the nearby soft tissue pain. If from the Taiwan women's keen massage, SPA, long time, technology and good massage, can resolve systemic ache, but also love to eat and drink ice water, ice.
And eat ice most relevant ache, neck, shoulder, experts say, love to eat ice women may wish to self assess pain, is it right? Often from neck and shoulder pain to the scapular bone near the" receipt"? In addition, there is the chest of the serratus anterior,Office furniture wholesaler neize225dw medial clavicle in serratus muscle, therefore SPA is pressed to the chest, often have a sour feeling, there are now more common band myofascial pain syndrome, the symptoms are tied up and eat ice.

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