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Expect thin especially"Liang tax" call the plank American powerful person
The American millionaire fertile Lun ·expect thin especially public today of announced his/her own property circumstance in a letter,HTPC Keyboardin the meantime he still to include news group president Lu Po especially ·many Mos at inside of other American rich mans put forward a challenge and request them to also announce income and pay tax detail.

In the letter writing to a councilmen, as the world Ba Fei of the third multimillionaire say especially, he the income total amount last year is USD 62,800,000, adjustment after the income that need to be paid tax is USD 39,800,000.

Support a president Ao Ba Ma increment to rich man revenue from tax policy of Ba Fei say especially,Playground equipmenthe totally hands over tax USD 6,900,000 in 2010, the actual tax rate is 17.3%.

Expect thin writes to Republican party congressman Di on the 11th especially Mu ·Xu Er Si axes to say in the letter of Pu, this tax rate far away below many tax rates that the Americans pay including his secretary.

Expect thin tell to criticize his revenue from tax especially of standpoint of Xu Er Si hole Pu says, he anticipates the income tax rate of majority of senators and congressman more than 30%, Water slide"be like in addition to I outside the owner of our office similar".

Expect thin pass its Bo2 Ke especially of rare Er-admire the investment backlog of Sa Wei company the wealth of USD 50,000,000,000.He answered Xu Er Si the hole Pu puts forward of pass public it pays tax list to prove his request of low tax rate standpoint.

Expect thin contradictorily say especially, list this pays tax to declare a form proof not what.

He writes a way:"Make more super powerful persons public its paying tax a circumstance is useful.If make super powerful person in other United States opened amount of tax together with me, that will be advantageous to a revenue from tax negotiation very much, this is the reform of an advisability."

"Obviously,Plastic wood many super powerful persons pay toward the federal government of the tax rate still have to be low than me, acquiring their to pay tax a circumstance should be advantageous to the revenue from tax rule of our councilman establishment reasonables."

He specially spoke of "Lu Po especially · many Mos, 1 and my similar super powerful person" in the letter, but last week many Mos of 《Wall Steet Journal 》attacked to expect thin increased the standpoint of revenue from tax to the rich man especially, and called that he should announce his to pay tax a list.

Allow the Er Si hole Pu should say in last time in its website, he not yet announces its formal tax administration document to feel disappointment especially to Ba Fei .

In addition he says:"If expect thin really have intention to pay his to the government especially'reasonable quota',Cable Manufacturer he meeting to Ao Ba President horse and the federal government other organizations voluntarily contribute money.Obviously he didn't do like this."

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