application flying dragon

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Mobile application flying dragon
Pioneers of Apple's iPhone in 2007 for the first time on the stage, proclaimed the arrival of the era of mobile computing. Consumers to download billions of applied to these devices. According to our estimates, only 2011 a year, iOS and Android application downloads reached 25000000000 times. But Flurry is expected in 2012 this figure will double.
And other new technologies, iOS and Android equipment used mainly start from North America and Western Europe the disposable income of higher local start. However, as the old section of iOS type price decline, and support for Android OEM provides more affordable market of low-end equipment, consumer application usage has significant international change, including the emerging markets. Below we first on a map to warm up, have a look outside the United States mobile applications market expansion.

The Flurry Analytics in 2011 January and October data session between mobile application. Flurry now monthly tracking 20000000000 mobile application session, involving the application of more than 120000. The green area are shown to occur in the United States the application session ratio, Email Marketingthe country still takes dominant position. But in spite of the United States in January to October in the absolute number of session is doubled, the ratio is from 55% to 47%. This means that the rest of the world grow faster. Take a look at other areas of the top 10 countries ( Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and China ) occupy the ratio, the group's January to October session gross grew 2.7, its share from 17% to 22%. However, despite the rapid growth, but there are still a country worth the extra attention.

Have a look at the head of mobile Dragon
China, as well as its population of 1300000000 you must have heard of? In fact, you'll probably make this country with large volume, low manufacture cost together. However, China is growing fast as the world's most promising consumer economy one. Earlier this year, according to Peng Bo news agency reported, China to attract foreign investment amounted to a record $106000000000. Investors include such as Wal-Mart in online retail Senate vote for more than $500000000 to the enterprise. According to the international monetary fund data, Chinese GDP is next to the United States, ranking second in the world, more than Japan and Germany and france. In addition, the Boston Consulting Group in 2010 November issued a report forecast that China, middle income and affluent consumers will in the future 10 years to 3 times now, up to 415000000 of the giant. To the field of mobile, China has one of the world's largest mobile phone users, according to the Chinese Ministry of Public Works letter last week released statistics, Chinese mobile phone users has more than 950000000.

In order to understand the effect of mobile applications, Flurry compiled a group of mobile applications market is growing fast ( according to the number of session tracking statistics) National data.

The graph is the global mobile application session number to grow one of the fastest before 10 countries ( 2011.1 - 2011.10 ). To enter this analysis, from the beginning of January national monthly session number must achieve at least tens of millions of. Look at the map of China is obviously the growth figures can be said to be astronomical figures. Although before 100 countries the average session rate more than 200%,iPhone Application development in the country's huge population base, China 's growth data is still the 4 times of the average.

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