being mountain saint water

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Grasp plateau romantic feeling to follow the absolute being mountain saint water
Current and special plateau snow area scene in Tibet, and then have charmingly feminine Yugoslavia elegant appearance, and also make Tibet had real special magic power in the traveler eyes as for humanities view that mutually blend with this kind of great universe.Up to now, and many living customs and the modern people out of the plateau who hide clansmen have very big distance, is just also making everythings of Tibet had to appreciate value because of the creations of distance.

Tibet contains the heaven of the absolute being mountain saint water, ground conducting boundary ascend biggest of tallest of green hide plateau, average elevation is more than 4,000 meters and have "world ridge" of call.The world of elevation 8844.43 meters first high peak one the bead Mu Lang Ma Feng, tower aloft at the Himalayas in the medium Ni boundary of segment up;In its surrounding more than 5000 square kilometerses, Discount Wedding Gowns there is 4 more than 8000 meters high peak, more than 7000 meters high peak is 38.Its total area reaches to 120 many 10000 square kilometers.The year average air temperature is or so for 8 degrees.

Someone says that come back from Tibet, have never walked not past road.Leave honeymoon in Tibet, love this road, since Tibet, until forever.Because whole is an all great love to take an oath all the way ……

Food culture:Hide clansmen democracy to want with eat cow mutton and milk product is lord.If you go to some herding peoples or agriculture area in home, you will see hang a house or dry by air inside the tent of cow mutton, if you are a guest to these somebody elses, the host will take out the cow mutton drying by air to call you to taste, this kind of taste only then can taste to get in the plateau.

The beverage that hides a clan contains crisp oil tea, sweet tea, and highland barley wine...etc..In Tibet, entertain guest with the crisp oil tea, is hide race ancient tradition.Whether you walk into the herding people's tent or not, is still the mud cabin of farmer, or walk to visit friend in person, the host head quarter beats good Chun the crisp oil tea of the joss-stick invite you to taste.

Capital in Tibet-pull Sa:The capital that pulling the Sa City is that Tibet is interborough is a whole area politics, economy, culture and transportation center, is also a cultural with more than 1300 years the history city.It is located on graceful Lu to hide the cloth river's subsidiary current to pull to swim north shore in the Sa river, the elevation is 3658 meters.The area is about 30,000 square kilometers, there are 40.Among them, the downtown area is 544 square kilometers, population in the city 140,000, is hiding, man, wholesale costume jewellery return to etc. race, hide a clansmen to have 87%.

The big Zhao temple, small Zhao temple and cloth reaches to pull the temple, sweet Dan temple and Zhe clam temple, color to pull temple and Luo cloth Lin Ka etc. the famous building is an all main tour area.The Na wood wrong and virtuous medium hot springs and the nature reserve area of the Lin Zhou, the Mo bamboo work card are a main natural scenic area.Eight Kuo streets that are located on old city area center are the good whereabouts of tour, it a little bit completely kept the traditional appearance of ancient city.Here am very prosperous, the store stands up like a forest, pilgrim continuous flow.Along the street put full various race handicraft article and race clothing, abundant and colorful, complete with everything.

Weather characteristics:The air is thin and diluted, the air pressure is low;Containing amount of oxygen is little, the sun radiates strong, sunshine time grows;The air temperature is low, the day difference in temperature is big;The weather type is complicated, the perpendicular variety is big;From May to September, the volume of rain is very concentrated and generally have 90% that the whole yearses decline amount of water or so.led grow lights

The plateau responds:The beginning goes into a plateau tour, having a part of persons may appear plateau reaction, the symptom includes headache, stuffy chest, annoy short, heart palpitates, disgusted vomit, the lips purple Gan, suffer from insomnia, many dreams, blood pressure may also can go up.These symptom 1, 2th early dawns show, later will ease or disappear gradually;But also have pole a handful of men because of the weariness from overwork and catch cold with upper respiratory infection etc. reason, the symptom probably aggravates gradually and develops to become plateau pulmonary edema or plateau brain dropsy.

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