contraindications to understand

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Feng Shui bedroom several contraindications to understand
Electrical too much, especially television at the foot of the bed
Bedroom appliances too much in Feng Shui is referred to as the" fire", affect health. company formationModern medical theory also points out, electrical radiation does harm to human health. The foot is the second heart, is in a standby state television if on the foot of the bed, the radiation effect of the meridian running feet more easily and the circulation of the blood.
Experts suggest: less in the bedroom display appliances, especially not to a TV is on the foot of the bed, when not in use, unplug the power.
The door to the bed bedroom restroom
Feng Shui theory argues that the restroom is the five elements of water, have a heavier, easy cause kidney waist discomfort.
Investigation discovery, bedroom with restroom, especially the restroom is indeed most bed tenants have backache symptoms. This is what restroom and Ho, also cannot change its discharge nature, poor air quality, after bath more produce more moisture. If the restroom door on bed, make the bed damp easily not only, also easily affect bedroom air quality, the world long causes back pain, but will also increase the burden of kidney detoxification.
Expert proposal: in the toilet to put a few Devonian plant foliage plants, or planting bed Earrings restroom door between the screen as shelter.
Covering an area of over 20 square meters
Ancient Fengshui theory and points out that the" housing adults less, fierce house", think" big house will suck popularity". Therefore, even the emperor's palace, area of no more than 20 square meters.
In fact, the Feng Shui in the word " popular" is we later found out the" human energy field". The human body is an energy body, every hour and moment in the emitted energy,singapore company formation like working in the air, the housing area greater loss of energy more. Therefore, the bedroom area is too large to evil leads to human body due to too much energy and decreased immunity, be in the blues, judge force decreased, making the wrong decision, even" unlucky" sick.
Experts suggest: the bedroom area control in 10-20 square meters.
Take the balcony or window
Bedroom with balcony or window if sleep, also increases the energy consumption in the process, people easily tired, insomnia, green glass structure cannot save the human body heat energy. This and sleep outdoors easy illness is a reason.
Expert advice: choose not to take the balcony or window room is the bedroom, or to the balcony and window hung thick curtains block.
The east window, or toward the West
Feng Shui pointed out that sleeping in the window, east or west room easily because of " light check" leads" sworn revenge". Because in the east or west room, morning or afternoon sun will cause the room light is too strong, nerve stimulation effects of rest, leading to insomnia, more make person become prism, impulsive.
The bed is a roof above a chandelier
Admiral" Feng Shui bed just above the roof is called" chandelier chandelier" press", think" sacred heavy". Detrimental to health. Modern psychology study found, bed just above the roof if a chandelier, indeed give people a psychological hint, increase the psychological pressure, endocrine effects,Furniture industry performance causing insomnia, nightmares, respiratory illness and a series of health issues.

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