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Different LED carries on the back light protection mechanism action principle and judge a detailed solution
Present has already had more and more electronics product adoption LEDs carry light module on more and more electronics product adoption LEDs back, for ensure to carry on the back light module function, LED's driving IC protection function has already particularly been valued.The good protection mechanism has to aim at the importation that the Tuo rushes toward, exportation and LED carry light on exportation and LED's back etc. part, carry on an overall and perfect consideration, and want to give attention to both high LED to drive electric current ability and electric current balance in the meantime.

However, when LED carries on the back only module to start yielding unusually brilliant results, have to consider in the meantime LED carries on the back light module expiration mode of prevention, this can avoid because of its expiration but creation usage safety of worry in uncertainty, LED drives an integrated circuit(Driver IC) protection action mechanism to seem to be particularly important while particularly being application situation to slowly extend to public situation from the family.

LED drives IC to mainly protect a mechanism to is divided into the protection to rush toward the structure to Tuo currently, for example conduct electricity to press a protection(Over Voltage Protection, OVP) and conduct electricity to flow protection(Over Current Protection, OCP), short-circuit proof(Short Circuit Protection, SCP), the its related protection isn't outside aim at the protection of electricity application, or is a module to carry, the system carry a manufacturing process related protection, but purpose all with safe consideration or don't damage system to carry a component;Still have the protection for carrying to the LED light, for example LED opens a new road protection(LED Open Protection, LOP) and LED short-circuit proof;(LED Short Protection, LSP)Because LED belongs to the semi-conductor physical component and lead high operation electric voltage and the operation electric current in long time all will result in LED component harm, therefore if the supply voltage is unsteady, LED circuit occasionally oneself the quality factor result in short circuit, or open a new road will make LED the expiration result in bright degree difference, then influence the front-panel appearance quality and LED life span.This text will aim at a different protection mechanism to act principle and judgment mechanism to do a thorough study.

LED carry light protection on LED's back the mechanism is each to have specialty

Generally apply the Tuo that drives at LED to rush toward structure all with provide LED stable electric current for target, again with the exportation and the importation of the electric voltage relate to choose the suitable Tuo rushes toward structure;Compare with a current application, LED the bright degree and electric current, applied amount become a direct proportion, so in order to beg Gao Liang Du to establish with several LEDs, it many strings merge an usage for present carry on the back light module the great majority of applied way.

And it provides the electric voltage of driving LED to also compare to compare to input electric voltage the beard Gao;Rise at this time the press type conversion machine(figure 2) is a very quite good Tuo to rush toward structure, but because of it in order to rise to press structure, if have any abnormality occurrence, abnormality of high electric voltage exportation and high importation electric current will be design the personnel considers of necessary factor.

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