downturn is just a symptom

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LED the market downturn is just a symptom

Jiangmen lighting electrical industry association President,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard wide bright source lighting electric Co., ltd., the chairman HongYanNa think, Frankfurt international architecture and lighting show and the largest domestic exhibition is different, it is mainly reflects the forward-looking lighting area of technology, which reflect the lighting in the future direction. "In the Frankfurt show, the most profound feel is in LED step by step and make great breakthrough, not only displayed in performance parameters, at the same time, much of the increase in prices for market more accepted."

HongYanNa said, wide bright source is the fifth time to attend Frankfurt international architecture and lighting fair. The show on a big scale, in the face of the basic is high-end customers, if their own products have no features, went to also can be "covered". Of course, participate in the Frankfurt show, is contact consumers abroad fast channel. If enterprise is exported, must go to. If is based on the domestic market is given priority to, it may not need to.

HongYanNa also proposed that in Frankfurt noticed LED products with new development direction, that's relatively light source and the separation of the lamps before, will in the future is light source and the integration of the lamps, went to intelligent, systematic direction.

HongYanNa said, the so-called LED the market downturn, is just a symptom. Will the downturn, is because overheating market before, and not keeping up with demand, after all products again good, consumer also should have a adapt to the process. "Analysis of crisis since the end of last year to the influences of enterprise, we LED found the most affected, often is the only enterprise in a link the advantages of enterprise, not in the short term through from technology to market value chain, thus on a large amount of money on fire after affect the enterprise survival and development." Therefore, HongYanNa think caused by the end of the crisis and not industry crisis. "We think that the market LED products,A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck not only to good quality, reasonable price, the production enterprise will find suits own sales model, can't wait for 'spring has come to expand market'."

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