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The early spring sincerely defends a cold set of of spring"heart"
The common saying says:"In spring child noodles, become for a day three change."In February, the early spring's weather much changes, suddenly warm still cold, the difference in temperature is big sooner or later and say to the middle age and old people that get a cardiovascular disease, if have a little bit negligence, very easily heart Shuai happen, endanger health and life.Occupy pass statistics data enunciation, our country the heart Shuai within adult fall ill to lead to 1.5%, 65 years old above old-age Shuai in the crowd center fall ill the rate is up to 4%~6%.

Why did you will take place heart Shuai

People chase "barometer" that the weather variety parable becomes heart lung function, because early spring season the bise is chilly, have a cold wave to be in transit, shut down the body be subjected to an air temperature, current of air etc. weather condition variety violent influence, under the incitement that cold, sympathetic nerves excitement, the material-catechol An level of constringency blood vessel inside the human body goes up and cause whole body the hair thin afferent constringency;The adrenaline secretes to increase and urges the heart rate to speed, the heart outputs quantity and the outside week resistance to increase, kidney water sodium accumulates, will cause blood pressure's going up, the heart burden aggravates, the myocardial lacks blood, anoxia.Plus air aridity, the humidity consumes much, body contents easily water shortage but make the blood become sticky dense, the blood reduces slowly, cardiovascular patient's easy occurrence the mental exertion crock up.Get to catch a cold in addition, lung department infection, excesssive tired, the mood is fidgety and sleep shortage and have a poor appetite etc., all easily induct heart Shuai.

How to guard against heart Shuai

Early interfere high Wei crowd.High blood pressure, coronary, myocarditis, extended myocardial disease, valve disease, lung secret concern, diabetes, once burst heart attack or heart function not wholes, is the high Wei crowd that took place heart Shuai, the doctor should draw up according to the sufferer's concrete condition excellent turn to cure a project, and adopt various occurrence that intervention measure guard against heart Shuai.

Prevent breath way from being infected.The cardiovascular patient wants to increase or decrease clothes according to the weather variety, the attention defends cold keep warm, particularly chop about or have a breath way infectious disease in the weather fad, notice to defend to catch a cold, flu, lung department infection, the in order to prevent inducts heart Shuai.

Control good luck momentum.Cardiovascular patient stabilize in the condition, carry on moderation exercise to contribute to improving symptom.But should listen to a doctor to guide, choose to suit own sport method, such as stroll, walk, beat quickly Taichi etc., follow the sequence and advance gradually, after toughenning with feel comfortable for degree.

Food simple elegance three mealses contain stanza.While paying attention to meal nourishment to match is being balanced, it is proper to eat low fat, high egg white, rich food with the vitamin, mineral material, each 78 divide satisfied.Can often eat some fresh vegetable melons and fruits, birds meat, fish shrimp, edible germ, and bean product...etc., don't eat too greasy, lead salty, lead hot food, don't drink strong tea, coffee.Quit smoking to abstain from alcohol.

This period people widespreadly feel weary it's tired, be usually say of"the spring traps".

This time, drink one cup very thick flower tea, not only the fragrance come into nostrils, also can alleviate spring to trap the bad influence for bringing.

Because spend the tea is sweet cool but and fragrance Xin, a Chinese family name spreads of spirit, be advantageous to the winter that sends forth to accumulate to gather in the human body cold evil, help the sun spirit inside the body to living hair, make person's absolute being pure to annoy great.

Spending the tea is a delicacy in the tea that gathers a beautiful tea flavor, fragrant flower in the integral whole."The flower leads tea joss-stick, benefit by association together", it is the principle that the exploitation dries the vomiting of the adsorbing of green hair tea and other tea hair tea characteristic and fresh flowers fragrant characteristic, the tea-leaf and fresh flowers blend to make into of, the familiar flower tea contains the flower tea, and chrysanthemum tea...etc. of the jasmine tea, one after one generation, among them, the jasmine tea is the most well-known.

The jasmine tea is deeply liked by consumer because of its special fragrance and be also widely subjected to great fame in the international market in recent years.Generation poet, river Kui, of Sung of 《jasmine 》great Yue:"Some time I if fix a flower to make, the row does the human life first joss-stick."

The jasmine tea processes on the foundation of green tea but become, especially deluxe jasmine tea at process of process in it inside quality the occurrence is certain of physics and chemistry function, such as:The polyphenol material in tea-leaf, tea tannin the decomposition under water wet condition, not Be dissolved to the aqueous protein declines to solve into amino acids, puckery feeling can weaken to drink green tea, the function has variety, its taste fresh thick Chun is fluently thick and alter, this is also the reason that the northern fancy drinks jasmine tea of it a.In addition to having the health care effect of green tea, the jasmine tea also has some special effects of jasmine.The head that the jasmine tea has "go to cold evil, assistant Yu" to take tea in spring chooses.

Spend the tea Yin system the process is mainly fresh flowers to vomit joss-stick and tea Pei to absorb fragrant process.Jasmine fresh flowers' vomiting joss-stick is a biochemistry variety, mature of the jasmine is under the functions, such as Mao, temperature, humidity and oxygen...etc. and resolve a fragrant material, along with the physiology variety, flower of open but constantly vomit aroma.The tea Pei absorbs joss-stick is under the physical adsorption, along with absorb joss-stick to also absorb a great deal of humidity in the meantime, because of water of osmosis, produced chemistry to adsorb, under the hot and damp function, complicated chemistry variety happened, tea soup from green become yellow gradually bright, taste from thin puckery turn into thick Chun, form the joss-stick, color and flavor of special flower tea.

Spend the Yin system traditional craft procedure of tea:The magnolia flower beats bottom, tea Pei and jasmine fresh flowers to put together and, heap the Yin and spend, accept heap and flower, bake, cool off, turn Yin or lift a flower, even heap, pack.

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