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The thin president visits China the initial task talk an economic trade
England 《financial Times 》this morning's report way said and took office a president visit China for the very first time of radicle promise three a life times is taking a task to come of, that is to want to fix a good relationship with China.The method new agency then clearly points out, his task is the cooperation agreement that ensures several medium thin USD 1,000,000,000seses to reach.

Because south china sea problem but meant then yesterday with Philippines president of "observe a festival son" in China, south china sea the problem isn't thin in the all of relation,DVB T RECEIVERshould not influence the development of bilateral relation, should not influence two each realm of countries amities to cooperate.

Take a task USD 7,000,000,000 is to the target

American agency of Peng Bo report way said this morning, radicle promise three a life times took 207 business what personage constituted huge came to R.O.C with the delegation of travelling salesman field, marked the this trip will focuse in increasing Philippines and the second economy in the world of trade and investment.

In 2010, the bilateral trade volume amounts to USD 27,700,000,000 and together compares to increase 35%, China has become the third Philippines trading partner.But according to 《in the thin economic trade cooperate for five years, development programming 》, two countries fight for bilateral trade volume to attain USD 60,000,000,000 till 2016.

China is the third Philippines trading partner currently.The ABS-CBN news net in Philippines anticipates, radicle promise three a life time this trips hope to sign the contract of USD 7,000,000,000 with China.The delegation of thin mineral industry association anticipates the mineral industry that can be been up to USD 3,000,000,000 investment, and and the Chinese company sign a mineral supply agreement.Plate Heat Exchanger

Obviously, radicle promise three a life times don't want to let south china sea the problem messes up his/her own order.Once to south china sea the problem called again and again knothole Philippines, let go of now figure.Philippines spokesman once meant recently, plan and China's uniting was having south china sea mining of controversy petroleum, this is radicle promise three a life times visited one of the agreement that China hoped to sign.

According to 《Philippines star report 》report way, Philippines traded an officials to once mean, thin government already agree medium the petroleum invest more than USD 1,000,000,000, in two stateowned controversies of south china sea the waters carry on petroleum to investigate to explore.This is medium the thin total amount count a part of a Lan son of USD 1,000,000,000 investment item.

The thin attitude change can not break an economic trade cooperation

The economic trade cooperates, Office romance sweetbesides which, radicle promise three a life times visit China to once round south china sea problem.To this, 《Wall Steet Journal 》take"the thin president visits China to face a tough task" as said, Philippines puts forward in the territory assertion that south china sea disputes a water and carries on while doing not injure in thin two circumstances of countries more and more important economic relationses.

The analytical personage thinks that radicle promise three a life times will avoid doing any possible breakage this time business of economic mission.

Singapore 《unite to early report 》point out,Huang XuPhilippines at south china sea the attitude of problem contained the improvement to show Zhao.

The report way said that Philippines is already changed direction a practicality at first by stimulated impulse rational.When the thin square declares that the president visits China news, radicle promise three a life times be Manila meaning:"Suppose we are in the 1,300,000,000 people's China with 9500 of the of Philippines make a boxing match, so our affirmation can not win.And when the time comes, their affirmation will close the door of many trades."

The Philippines Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman the He Er south virtuous Si means that for two country existence of territory point of dispute problem, Philippines will make great effort to carry on a discussion in peaceful way.Two countries at south china sea the point of dispute of problem should pass law, particularly is 《United Nations maritime law convention 》 solve.LED illuminates business

Philippines of this declares to compare with ex- segment time and obviously changes keynote.

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