EMC encountered financing mode

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Overall, LED lighting industry the key issues facing the problem of financing. This requires finding an effective financing way, breaking the bottleneck of LED lighting industry.

LED industry most centralized Shenzhen has established the industrial association, the purpose is in the Zheng Fu and enterprises to play a bridge role.LED Spot Lights At the same time, the LED Industry Federation to take the lead to set up LED industries membership-based security company, to facilitate the enterprise financing. In addition, there is a kind of financing pattern is composed of more than 4 enterprises voluntarily formed a consortium, the member of the association, the joint consultation between the amount of borrowing loans from banks, United on loan guarantee, each of the members of group loan to assume joint and several liability for the syndicated loan guarantee mode. At present, the financing pattern in exploration. " In our financial system, the most common way of financing is bank loan", global environmental institute project officer Tian Haizhen said. Because LED lighting project has higher internal rate of return and unique technology, on the basis of a single project financing is difficult to obtain the favor of risk investment mechanism, so the bank loans become engaged in LED lighting project of energy-saving service enterprises the main way of financing. But a lot of energy service companies to their fixed assets less equipment, products in the EMC after the end of the contract will transfer to the user, making it difficult to pass asset backed all the way to the bank to apply for financing.led tube light

Under such a background, the world bank's International Finance Corporation China Energy Efficiency Financing Project with technical assistance and risk sharing form, domestic and Industrial Bank, Bank of Beijing and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank cooperate, to add energy-efficiency financing loan portfolio of all loans, the International Finance Corporation will bear part of the loss. In addition, the international finance corporation also help commercial banks and market the main parties to establish energy efficiency financing project links, to help commercial banks loan project for energy efficiency inspection and audit, to promote the long term sustainable development. " In China Energy Efficiency Financing the project drive, banking industry for energy efficiency projects,cheap evening dressesEMC projects have a new understanding and support, more and more banks are now in the business." Tian Haizhen said.

However, existing financial products, a lot of energy service companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises instead of EMC project financing, loans are short-term loans. Bank out of their own risk taking, even specialized EMC loans, at the time of application also requires the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction projects investment recovery period to within 5 years ( including ), but using the EMC model LED lighting project investment rational recovery period is 6 years or more. Therefore, banks and LED industry organization, industry association cooperation, joint development for the LED lighting project features of financial products, is the industry hope to see solutions.led lighting automotive

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