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So if we accept that truth, what to do about it? We have to change our thoughts, after all,they are what's manifesting our reality. We have to learn to leverage the law of attraction. In order to do this effectively, the first step is awareness. We must become aware of what we are thinking at all times in relation to our goal. This is new territory for most of us. For example, if, when the thought of our soul mate arises, we find ourselves lamenting the fact that that person is not yet in our life, or we picture ourselves alone and unhappy, that is the instruction we are sending out not only to the universe but to the people around us as well. Those negative thoughts will most certainly become our reality. The more we feel bad about it and focus on the lack, the more of it we will create, simple as that.
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To turn it all around, we have to focus on what we DO want as opposed to what we don't. Begin visualizing in your mind, on a daily basis, your soul mate and all that represents to you. In great detail,see them as a present part of your life. Hear the things you would hear from that person. Feel the ecstatic emotions you would feel being with them. Create it all in your mind as if it were your present reality. Go to bed thinking about it, wake up thinking about it. What will happen is you will issue a completely new instruction set to the universe and all manner of unforeseen events and circumstances will begin to conspire to make you goal into your reality. It works like magic but in reality it is simply a natural law at work.

So go ahead. The truth is,somebody special is out there looking for you too!

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