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The problem that the furniture design wants to consider

Our country of the furniture design has long history and particularly already arrive historical till Ming Dynasty of high peak.The main characteristics of Ming Dynasty furniture is to use a material reasonable, the structure is agile, the shape is also simple and direct can use function and adornment function, technique and art to nicely knot to put together, therefore is possessing very high reputation at home and abroad.The type of modern furniture is a lot of.Press the material to there are wood bamboo, rattan and plastics and various soft mat furniture for cent.Pressing the structure form can is divided into a plank type furniture, put a connect type furniture, fold type furniture, support furniture and combine a furniture etc..

The allocation and choice of furniture:

Should consider the usage property of room first.For example the bedroom of residence by all means should establish a bed, if say that this bedroom's wanting and making utility room then should place work pedestal and bookcase.Take into to consider carrying on a choice allocation from the dimensions, style, color, quality, and shape...etc. of furniture again after making sure the property, use of room.Choose furniture should be fixed attention on to whole environment of the demand regard as a part of whole environment to the furniture.

Concretely can consider from a few following aspects:

Category and amount:Indoor furniture of how much should use from the room and area size to make sure.Blindly pursuing number of items, set will make room crowded and confused and also become a living nuisance.The category, amount of furniture in the areas, such as bedroom and living furniture smaller room not the ability is many, should at satisfy living demanding premise the bottom try hard for to have more movable area.

Style:The style of furniture is lately constantly turning over and changes.What to modernize a life demand is a comfortable, easy and convenient, practical, agile, multi-function or sectional furniture.Put previous combination in the residence living room, put a television above it, take it as center again to put the previous combination sofa, can certainly obtain the effect of comfortable suitable for use.

Consider:Choose furniture not only need to watch the house to have oneself of dimensions, also need to consider the felling that it will give a person indoors.Adopt the size smaller furniture to see is reasonable from the flat surface layout and the economy in the residence.Once installed in the small living quarters the big furniture will make space out-of-the-way, the want for provides the person with the leeway for returning.

The style of furniture:The style of furniture refers to the total characteristics, such as shape, quality, color, dimensions and comparison...etc. of furniture.Becoming of different formations, such as material, structure, shape and color...etc. set the furniture put in the certain environment and all have it the special style.Put to put in the residence what style of furniture be decided by the host's wit and humour and a fondness for, positive such as the different race all have it the special fondness for is similar to the style.But importance of is the principle choice that has to follow "moderate" furniture, it is unwell to won't put with the furniture of style in the same space proper.

These four targets are function, comfort, durable and beauty.Though these make profession to the furniture to say that is the most basic request,flower shop however they but worth we continuously go deep into a ground of research.

1.Whether practical

In my eyes, a function of furniture is very important, it has to can embody the value that exists.If is a chair, it have to can the hip attaining to make you avoid coming in contact with a ground.If a bed, it can definitely make you sit on the top, can also make you lie on the top.The connotation of practical function be furniture's wanting to include usually can accept of have already been limited of purpose.People cost too many energies on the art adornment of furniture.However a make the chair that can not sit calling the chair can also?To majority of people, who can not accept to chase whole function as the important target of furniture design?The answer is obvious.

2.Whether comfortable

A furniture must not only have the function that it should have, but also have to also have an equal comfort index.A piece of rock can make you don't need to be sat directly on the ground, but it since the indisposition is also inconvenient, however the chair is exactly the opposite.You have to think that a whole night can thoroughly lie on the bed to take a rest, the bed has to have enough height, strength and comfort index to promise this.The height of coffee table has to work up to make while carrying tea or coffee to the guest he is equal and convenient, but height like this for in regard to meal the but again is very getting more uncomfortable.

3.Could you hold out for long time to wear well

A furniture should be able to last long ground is used, however the service life of each furniture isn't to do exert the same, because this together their main effects are vitally related.For example, recreational chair and open country dining table are all outdoor furnitures, they aren't been expected to to wear well be also not likely to hope with you to stay to place on equal footing for the lamp-stand of descendant like the drawer front-panel.

The durable is usually been in the light of to is the only embodiment of quality by people.However, actually a quality of furniture are all vitally related with perfect embodiments of each target in the design, it include to connect down and then will soon mention moreover a target:Beauty.If 1 though doing very enduringly is firm and reliable but the features is very difficult to see, or sit on its top of extremely uncomfortable chair, can call it as the chair of high quality?The answer is negative.

4.Can absorb stirring

In the handicraft store in nowadays, the furniture features of manufacturing whether drawing on the person is an important factor that distinguishes well-trained worker and boss.Pass one diligent train, the well-trained worker can know how to go to and complete to before mention of three targets.They have already understood how to let a furniture can have the function that he should have and work up comfortable and enduring.

However, however the boss know how to go to and complete an elegant and incomparable masterpiece.As a manufacturing of furniture, I define an elegant furniture(masterpiece) for:Not only is practical, comfort, enduring, it still must is spreading of history and culture to accept.

Imagination once you now just while walking into a museum, being the vase that you discover a Ming Dynasty, you will be drawn on by that elegant external appearance but forbid not to live to observe it.First you will the big body observe some kind of, go to the distance vase not far place to go to thin read all introduction concerning it.Then you will close to this vase again small and soft observe its minute part, catch what it makes a show of a little bit bright and body flavor its creation craft.This vase is BE made for a few centuries in your prenatal period, the manufacturing has the person of very big cultural difference with you.However, this vase displayed a lot to you,the observer could cross over time and space to come in contact with a manufacturing through this vase.This is the masterpiece.

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