furniture is mainly used in open office

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Screen furniture is mainly used in open office, screen directly function is disjunctive space, and medium height screen but not completely and relative space space. Open office screen the main significance lies in not affect communication in the journey, created the relatively independent private work space,yunzhi reishi dab4d56ck reduced the mutual interference, improve the office efficiency, easy to management, communication and cooperation for the team created a condition.

The height of the screen and the relationship between disjunctive space: a relatively high screen used to separate relatively large space, the relatively low screen used to separate relatively small space; Small work space application relatively high screen height will have depressive feeling.

A good graphic design consideration should be given to both the following several aspects:

1, plane design should be with customer's building structure photograph echo, organically. Reasonable and effective use of the space, make the office space of benefit maximization, adjust measures to local conditions, tailors, the whole plane design sense is very strong.

2, plane design should give full consideration to the customer and organization structure,Chinese Herbal Product the number of departments and function, meet the department the particularity of the work and the desktop space requirements.

3, plane design should meet the needs of the customer management culture, in the open and illicit close sex with a choice between. Some company emphasis on communication and coordination, some company emphasizes trust authorized, some emphasized independent work, we plane design requirements to meet customer of the convenience of management.

4, graphic design is the highest realm create cultural value, also create personalized, create beautiful and artistic value. This require us to combine with the customers the features of enterprise culture, product image and the requirements of the CI strategy. Low standard is to carry out decorate intention, conform to decorate a style; High standard are make up for the deficiency of decoration, and decorate a project to complement each other, in public benefit. This fully consider the personalized customer, unique requirements; On the other hand, want to accord with aesthetic requirements, the pursuit of beauty and art value for customers to create unique cultural value.

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