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Great majority bile duct cancer the sufferer all have the different degree skin, sclerotic coat Huang Ran, and present to carry on sex to aggravate, deepen, majority of sufferers have no ache, the misdiagnosis leads higher.Grow part according to the cancer swollen dissimilarity, the bile duct cancer is divided into department bile duct cancer in liver door, the bile duct central cancer and bile duct the bottom carry a cancer.No matter which bile duct cancer, there is no typical model symptom in early days.Only few parts of bile duct cancer sufferers will appear stomachache, abdominal distension and weight to ease, skin Sao Yang, have a poor appetite etc..

Clinical discover, the bile duct cancer outbreak crowd is known as the majority of the 50~70-year-old old people, the male is higher than a female.Therefore, be placed in this and appear the stomachache, abdominal distension and skin Sao Yang, even is the sufferer of jaundice, should immediately carry on Shai to check, generally the row check a bile duct cancer to necessarily have following four checkses.

1, the belly B is super:Should check to have don't create, convenient, low expenses and re-usable check etc. advantage, is diagnose a bile duct cancer the head choose a method.

2, belly CT:Belly CT to department bile duct cancer diagnosis in liver door better than the B is super, can display the bile duct lump part, size and part proliferation, blood vessel have have no infringe upon, the bile duct extend degree and stomach water etc..

3, the pit Ci Dan way builds a shadow(MRCP):It is 3D to should check stereoscopic become to be like, can show a Dan way entire content, keep a view more in judging tumor position, size and appearance.

4, Be worn sting Dan by skin liver, the way builds a shadow(PTC):PTC check can the dynamic state observation build a shadow to flow and distribute a circumstance in the Dan way, the judgment Dan manager next openings has already had no Geng Zu, to parts of Geng Zus still a complete Geng Zu diagnose more the CT is accurate.Still keep blazing the Dan way Geng Zu that the disease causes to have greater value to the distinction tumor, stone calculus.

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