If emotional involvements dream

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Worry a scar everywhere unmanned province, expose a wet shadow of Lang
Fickle turn is affectionate tired, song song the affection is ground.

At the mid-night, darkly overaly a left hand, the left hand overalies right hand.The finger tip spreads just some little ice-cold.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

I can forget recollection and make memory of this feelings remained beginning and coda, .

But I can not forget you, don't know when you of everything already elephant a branding Lao is in my heart bottom and every moment remind me, I still keep loving you.

A lot of affairs, it is what final outcome to be just starting having already destined;A lot of stories, because of being a tragedy coda so I am just beautiful to must make the person difficult to forget..Originally love moth to rush toward fire to grow a depravity.

Probably, person have, destine the certain person's destined disaster.

Just last year autumn, how the tears desire flowed.
Having no place isn't sad, the light dust is in the jade pianosolar module cell.

Many things of the pasts at at present one act is one act and change of that Mo faintness.That Mo once believed firmly of, that Mo persisted of, in fact the Shi Mos all had no, the Shi none of Mo BE...

Suddenly discover oneself is very silly, silly doesn't go.I swear that I smiled, the tears smiling was misty double eye.Smile me this Mo is always silly, is repeating some injury.But still always very silly expectation.

Seem to become accustomed to wait for, pure of think to wait for and then will arrive.Wait for that the consciousness don't deny happiness of arrival.

Walking to walk is getting more tired and recall all Be getting thinner;Turn head and discover, you are missing, suddenly I am disorderly.

The dust full vegetable of Shu Lian takes to float and really becomes a pitiful dark degree night.
Several times steal to wipe green Shan tears, suddenly and alongside the Xi Lian see the Cui raising.

Whole life at least should once, for the sake of someone but forgot oneself, don't beg a result, don't beg to go together, don't beg to once own, even don't beg you to love me, the most beautiful time that beg at me in, meet you.

In fact I hope of, also however just that is for an instant.

I have never once requested as well, you give me you of whole life.So, in the long-last whole life, as long as have been already looked back, that is very short for an instant.

Similar to the fragrance of flower, is still a little bit thinner of better, the more thin aroma more makes the person continue to long for, more can hold out for long time as well.

Thank you to keep so Zhao of to me.Probably I ain't you the whole of everything, everyday in everyday, but will never be you life of burden.

I can not own of too many, everythings all just fantasize just.My heart,solar panels this wild bird, found out the sky in your eyes.

Kong Hou since departure who ability drum, the bowel breaks limits of the earth.
Dark Sun passing moment, a wisp of tea smoke deeply bluish green yarn.

Habit suffers from insomnia.Be used to a silent night.

Lie on the bed to hope a ceiling, be used to the salt of wound, that harms and spreads in my in the mind a little.Habitually read Psalter concerning you.

A person's world, very quiet, calmness of can hear own breath voice and heart palpitates voice.Yes, I always a person, you have never led, I have never appeared as well the world at you.

I like music and listen to music in a period of time, I think of a time.Sit in a time to think of another lines of the palm of time.The that time listens to that song meeting what kind of mood?That time of do we meet?BE meet or miss?Or, there is no meeting by chance of final outcome?

This has many affairs in the world, the split second once turned round, completely change.The sun downfall goes, but before she re- rise, some matters, from now on parted forever with you.

Most painful of BE, thing disappeared, it is missing forever.But be partial to still need to leave one thin but the needle of point, have been putting in your at heart, have been pulling out not to go, heart a move it and then will be painful.

Should is bluish green to fall heavy meet, that is the this present life.
Can Nai this present life, recall~to the mind Qing again while just worrying.

The road is long like this, life so brief, the heavy mist once in a very long while isn't willing to spread to go like this again, so, how tell you, have I already come to led?

Youth of beautiful and precious,solar modules lie in its have no evil and without blemish, lying in its can meet but can not beg and lie in its to never weigh a time.

That probably changed my life girl in the middle of paying no attention.I believe one day there will, we will again meet in the roof of world.

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