If life never meet

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If life never meet, I still me, dream, then, how-in-singaporestarted the work day in and day out, submerged in the hustle and bustle of the city.
I do not understand, this world there is such a you, only you can let the person aftertaste, and only you will allow me ecig forum.

If life never meet, I won't believe, there is a person can never tire, there is an awareness of one person can feel warm. Who can't meet, guess what? How could I deeply appreciate what is far, what is near, far distance,lower near the bottom of my heart.
If life never meet, never think of a man crying. I have a deep desire, wish you happy every day. The subtle feelings is true, subtle greetings are enough, subtle longing is deep, subtle wishes come true. Although all of you can give the illusion.

If life never meet, I don't know I have such habits, to collect your laughter, collect your emotion, collect all your everything DR REBORN.

If life never meet,waxber I can't understand the loneliness and sadness, there is a sense of moving, surging with tears in my sleep.

If life never meet, I won't keep one's imagination, even if this imagination is lonely and helpless, but I still insist on this dream.

If we don't meet each other, how I can understand a person's lonely is so profound, but it can release my hesitation and helplessness. Tearful vicissitudes, infinite confusion, because met you, will have a deeper meaning. Why can when in love,Gilda Radner always accompanied by a touch of sadness?

If life never meet, how can I know the true meaning of love. There must be a margin to dance, cherish the love today can synchronization. Can't go with you, nor your synchronization.

If life never meet, I still me, you still is you,cocks just missed the life most beautiful adventure higher education.

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