Industry standards deficiencies

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Recently, a LED lighting business bid, recently underwent local Quality Supervision Bureau Inspection, the intelligent LED lighting products considered of no production standards and was fined. And in fact in March, Globe Lamp Bulb the company to the city of Quality Supervision Bureau for the record, the other no relevant national standards do not accept, so there has been no record. This is fine, have to be " entrapment " means.


From LED lighting enterprises encounter " entrapment " industry standards deficiencies


For the LED national standard for lighting, is the industry has been the topic of discussion. Although the country already in the development and test their own local standards, but confused, the enterprise side according to the standard is qualified, there became unqualified, the entire industry was mixed up in a dilemma! Government, enterprise head helplessly, people have a blurred vision, do not know who is who, who is right and who is wrong, who is good and bad. Because of the lack of unified norms and standards, currently on the market of LED lighting applications product variety, different properties, poor interchangeability, to whole industry brought serious challenges.


Industry standard LED success lies in Science


At present, there is no uniform standard of industry of our country LED. The existing industrial chain of more than 4000 enterprises, including the domestic listed 22 enterprises, because there is no standard, the product is uneven, some good and some bad. Taiwan Hongbo Group General Manager Huang Shengbang believed that, in the lighting design, the mainland does not lose to Taiwan. But the quality is lost to Taiwan.


International semiconductor lighting Alliance ( ISA ) secretary-general Yue Ruisheng said, the International Commission on illumination, the International Electrical Committee, the European Commission, the United States of America light engine energy star, ISA and other agencies in the development of LED lighting standards for the industry, discourse right. The standard is the key to the success of scientific sex, practicality. At present, LED lighting standard has become the bottleneck in the development of the industry, main reason is: one is the semiconductor lighting industry chain length, is the electronic information and light illumination of two areas of the cross, its application is more wide, LED spotlight dab8d28ck to standard and coordinate the work brings great challenges; two is part of the LED standard covered in traditional lighting products, such as street lights and street lamps, part of the standard may be LED standard; the three is the " standard " is based on science, technology and experience based on achievements of. Semiconductor lighting industry in the early stages of development, technology changes quickly, product performance to upgrade quickly, making it part of product standard steps cannot follow the product performance development, and the method of reliability test based standards also require more in-depth research, standards are also required a longer cycle.


GB shortage industry disorder quality issue of frequency


Recently, Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released the Guangdong Province self-ballasted lamp products LED provincial quality is special supervise selective examination result. Sampling results showed, in spot checks 23 batches of self-ballasted LED, testing 17 batches of substandard, unqualified rate reaches as high as 73.9%. It is understood, unqualified projects related to accidental contact with live parts, the protection of wet treatment after the insulation resistance and the dielectric strength, mechanical strength, fault tolerance, chromaticity, general color rendering index, the disturbance voltage, lamp power, heat resistance, interchangeability, power factor, the initial light efficiency and luminous flux, fire and flame proof project. Data shows, at present LED product fault 70% are due to core component -- driving power supply problems caused by.


On the LED lighting products fail the test message, near future has appeared many times. As the lighting development inevitable trend, LED Bulb Brand the state and policy to give aid to energetically project, LED why frequent quality problems? Find by hard and thorough search, LED lighting standard flaw is the key. From the power supply to the finished product, LED lighting has a set of standard system, but there is no compulsory certification testing requirements, is him enterprise completely do whatever they want, quality may not be good.

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