It makes the sound hoarse to drink the cold drink while singing K

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It makes the sound hoarse to drink the cold drink while singing K
Endanger one  It may initiate vocal cord inflammation to sing heartily continuously
It is introduced, under the normal situation, vibration is about 100 to 250 times people's vocal cord every second, up to 200 to 1000 times while singing. Act as the time that sing heartily, the vocal cord is being shaken constantly, frequency pronounces the height than usual, sing the high pitch continuously or the vocal cord is overtired will be caused to vocal cord and born; Sing constantly, can make vocal cord mucous membrane congest, edema too, so that the blood vessel breaks, bleeds, cause acute vocal cord inflammation, can sound hoarse, have a sore throat speak, can produce throat congest stop up, dyspnea and lung function person who drop symptom even, the serious one of situation will present vocal cord tubercle, vocal cord polyp,etc. even more.

Endanger two  Gao Yin " roars" It is apt to damage the vocal cord to come out
" hurricane high pitch "  More and more popular, in order to reveal one's own " capability " ,It is even improper that many people use sound "  Abuse sound "  ,Meet and exceed oneself and pronounce ability, sing the song with very big difficulty, especially at the time of the high pitch, want it loudly too "   Roar " Come out, it is very apt to damage the vocal cord and control the sport muscles of the vocal cord like this, cause the sound to be hoarse. Sing besides vibration of vocal cord, should lean against the sympathetic response of position such as the support, head, chest of the whole body, need to breathe and cooperate, only by " roar " Or " shout " It is not all right.

Endanger three  It is easy to be hoarse to sing and drink the cold drink sound
A lot of people go to the singing-hall to sing the Karaoka disc, all like drinking the cold drink, but the ice-cold and delightful cold drink may make people cry out suddenly. It is dry and cold in winter, if is careless apter to initiate throat disease. If was catching a cold at that time, the sound became mute more possible. In addition, smoke while singing, will make the vocal cord dry, present congestion, edema, present the polyp kind changing plumply.

Endanger four  Time cross, can damage hearing while being long
Not only harmful to throat to sing the Karaoka disc for a long time, its high noise of decibel but also may cause damaging to hearing. Research points out, common people are up to 90 decibels of environments to stay in volume for eight hours, or is up to 120 decibels of environments to stay in volume for half an hour, can cause hearing to be damaged. Volume decibel that the Karaoka disc sings the environment is counted and is more than 100, add the echo in the room, the injury to ears will be greater. Investigation reveal, carry on hearing test two hour treat among Karaoka disc environment, still, some people's hearing will be reduced by 8 decibels.

The expert proposes: Singing first "  Warm up "  Need to pay attention to the posture
" K song " that have a get-together as to festival ,Medical university two institute ear nose throat department director Huang, expert of voice, propose five suggestions: First, sing ago first "  Warm up " . Select some songs apts to sing first, stop after singing two, let the vocal cord have a rest;  Second, should appropriate rest sing, prevent from for a long time staying of Karaoka disc room, good in two hours each time, keep with the pure and fresh air in the room; Third, singing still needs to do in the proper way. First of all, should not sing at once after having a meal. Secondly, woman should not over strength sing during menstrual period. Finally, the posture should avoid bowing and raise first classly naturally while singing;  Fourth, pay attention to moistening the throat in right time;  The fifth, propose going to a doctor in right time. If present the hoarse phenomenon of sound, should stop sound or treat immediately.

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