It's not your fault, sky

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For a long time I found that I was a super love. Before the drip vaguely remember, as if these things only happened in yesterday.Yun ZhiI still remember the day that return to the dormitory, cried his eyes were like rabbit, roommates came to comfort me, thought I had a big thing, advised me to open mind. And I just want a quiet person, so a person listening to MP3light music, starting to write the letter has made me difficult to forget"


Dear John letter", has tears in the eyes, then the mind can drop to freezing point. Finally, I picked up the scissors and cut me a year long hair, foolishly took a portion and put it in the envelope, adumbrative henceforth, you and I live with each other. I will never forget write date, May 8, 2008. Three years later, I am still origin,wholesale baby clothes supplierslike to travel around the world after a long, finally returned to the starting point.

Every time and I write the diary, clearly documented brings you to my memory, also carrying you on my hurt. If I can fulfill the promise that I give to you, maybe now you won't be so painful, I won't be so sad. But the world is not if, also of no use to regret. It's not your fault, but I love you is wrong.

Big lazy, for 5 years, you have never been in my memory. Also for 5years, and I love you so long, your feelings that are the same as before so hot. Many people say that time can forget everything, but why I would not work? 5 years might be enough can make oneself forget yourself before the memory of other people, to find their own happiness and married. For me,5 years brought me just a period of waiting for you, the only comfort is just to make my life friends.

I never know why you so persistent,baby shoes wholesale so crazy about you. But I just know, xinchengzeling, open for the stone, I hope you can understand my heart for you.

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