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The fluorescent lamp of LED and common fluorescent lamp relatively have an advantage as follows:
Economize on energy, .The life span is long, applicability good, because single the LED physical volume is small, can make into any shape, it is short to respond to time, environmental protection, have no harmful metal, wastes easily recall, the color is gorgeous and give out light color pure and unadulterated, the spectrum scope is narrow, and can pass red turquoise blue three radicle colors mix a color seven colourful or white light. LED lights manufacturer

The fluorescent lamp of LED and common fluorescent lamp compare LED the fluorescent lamp have weakness as follows:The price is expensive, can widespreadly attain currently of radiation rate and theories radiation the rate still has a very big margin, the life span and theories life span canning make currently still has a very big margin, .Still have to definitely have fever quantity, the light Shuai can be also significant to narrow.
1, environmental protection lamp, protect the Earth
There is a great deal of mercury steam in the traditional fluorescent lamp, if the broken up mercury steam then will vaporize atmosphere.But LED fluorescent lamp then basically not use mercury, and LED product also not contain a lead, have protection function to the environment.The fluorescent lamp of LED is generally accepted to is the green lighting in 21th century.dvb t tuners

2, efficiently convert, reduce to have fever
The traditional lamp will produce a great deal of thermal energy, but LED the lamp then convert electric powers all for only ability, can't result in the waste of energy.And to the document, the clothes can't produces to fade in color a phenomenon, either.
3, quiet and comfortable, have no noise
The LED lamp can't produce noise, be good for top to the situation of usage precise electronics instrument of choose.Suitable for library, the situation like the office.

4, the ray is soft and protect eyesdvb t mpeg4
The traditional fluorescent lamp uses of is an alternate current, so will produce 100-120 times every second repeatedly Shan.The LED lamp converts alternate current directly for the direct current, can't produce a flicker phenomenon and protects eyes.
5, have no mosquito without the ultraviolet ray
The LED lamp can't produce ultraviolet ray, therefore can't the elephant traditional lamp so, there are a lot of mosquitos surrounding by the side of the light source.The indoor will become cleaner hygiene clean and neat.

6, the electric voltage is adjustable 80 Vs-245 Vses
Traditional fluorescent lamp is pass to commutate the machine releases of high electric voltage to order the bright, being electric voltage to lower then can not order bright.But LED the lamp is in the electric voltage of certain scope inside can order bright, can also adjust a shining degree.
7, economical energy, the life span is longer
LED fluorescent lamp's consuming to give or get an electric shock quantity is below 1/3 of traditional fluorescent lamp, the life span is also 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamp, can use but don't need to be replaced over a long period of time and reduced artificial expenses.More suitable for is more difficult than to replace of situation.dvb-t receivers

8, hard firm and reliable, long-last usage.
The LED light body usage is epoxy and not traditional glass, hard and firm and reliable, even if hit LED on the floor to can't easily damage, either, can trust a ground of usage.9.With common of the fluorescent lamp compare, the LED fluorescent lamp has never needed a town to flow a machine, didn't need the machine of Qi Hui, have no repeatedly Shan.

10 don't need a maintenance, the multifarious switch can't cause any damage.
11.Safety and have stable quality can experience the 4 kvs high electric voltage to spread calories low can work in the low temperature-30 ℃ heat are 55 ℃ .
12.Can't have influence to the surroundings environment.There are no ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, have no harmful material, like mercury, protection eyes, also have no Zao voice.
13.Anti- vibration good, easy to conveyance.What is high pressure LED

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