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LED illuminates a profession investment strategy
Illuminate profession to contain strategic investment in LED, apply a selection to have good competition real strenght, with LED illuminate business for the company of core business is to invest object, then can well enjoy white-knuckle compete a before the segment period LED illuminate the high gross profit of profession, high growth.

At A the LED tectonic plate related listed company in, upper stream Chen bottom, LED lights manufactureroutside postpone a slice of chip link, after facing a productivity to release under the price of article the risk of Long, and is pushing forward to follow to need date with the chip to the LED lighting;Medium visit to pack link, should select by examinations a subdividing of core business application the realm concentration illuminate in LED, and the futures business can't result in greater negative effect on accomplishment, and the industry chain visits the company of lamp extension downward;The downstream applies link, the core business illuminates business for LED and be subjected to economy energy light cost to soar pressure influence smaller company.

Therefore, LED's illuminating a profession head to choose object is the Hong benefit optoelectronics, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics.The product of Hong benefit optoelectronics above 70% is applied to in general use lighting realm, also higher and more stable gross profit lead, and have the LED business of equal scale to illuminate business.dvb t mpeg4The Rui plentiful optoelectronics above 50% product illuminates a spare part for LED.
Local LED illuminates the core listed company of industry chain to distribute

The Hong benefit gross profit leads steady growth, the carbon plentiful gross profit rate expectation exists exaltation space, thunder Man and the country star gross profit rate to show Zhao to descend

The salesman constitutes:(10 year revenue comparison)The Hong benefit devotes one's minds a company to use lighting, the country livings integration, thunder Man to illuminate application extension, the Rui is plentiful to be absorbed in a SMD to pack

Export growth in 2010, Hong benefit and the Rui plentiful export increase sturdy

Select by examinations the country starlight electricity, continent clear science and technology and the electronics of Ao Tuo secondly.This company has certain LED the related lighting business,Xu Huang also further extension and the trend of the growth.

Again, the selection sunlight illuminates and flies a happy stereo set, Buddha mountain lighting etc. tradition lighting business enterprise and lay good foundation in the LED business and has customer resources advantage, but short date face to economize on energy light cost the pressure of the ascension.

Two, the risk hints

One is that the profession economic prosperity is lower than an expectation.Is the traditional peak seasons that LED illuminates profession for 9-12 months, but Europe and American etc. main economy exists certain guo jia obligation risk currently, Japan recovers the stage of production after being placed in the earthquake, if these target market economic growths in the region gets bogged down in a decline, will influence the development speed that LED illuminates industry.

Two is a policy risk.The LED lighting industry is a guo jia, the point pushes forward of the economy energy reduce the industry of row, the guo jia promotes the related policy of the industry healthy development more and more perfect in recent years,solution to judge invalid the existence is a little bit greatly likely to be in the future sex release a further encouragement policy and similar at"green illuminate engineering" of the public finance subsidize a policy, but exist certain of policy risk

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