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Apple to grab the front! Patriot made ​​the first naked eye 3D flat

Apple submitted a patent application on the 3D screen,recycle netbook sparked speculation of iPad3 3D features. Although Apple has repeatedly denied that the industry still believe that even if iPad3 does not support 3D, the next generation will certainly support. Just as people still suspect that when the industry popped up a "dark horse."

 Tablet PC vendors, according to Patriots inside information, the world's first 3D naked eye than the Apple tablet as early as 1-13 months of launch, in February this year in Beijing released.

 Since Avatar hit $ 2.6 billion that has been the highest grossing film history, 3D increasingly popular: in 2012 the world will be issued more than 500 3D movies, 3D country have begun to broadcast television channels. All the smart TV and Internet TV are supported netbook There are indications that, 3D has become an inevitable alternative to 2D.

 Patriot naked eye 3D technology is very promising development prospects. Back in early 2011 that introduced the world's first naked eye 3D movie player. man sang pearl jewelleryThe naked eye 3D Tablet PC market will fill the 3D industry chain in the blank tablet.

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