Not to say

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I want to say, but always about to speak, but saying nothing. I have no other meaning, I don't hope you will come back some day in the future, I just want me here silently will our past collectible, with great care, don't let it hurt. In the absence of other days, I'm fine, how are you? You must be better than me. HTC flyer p512In you're gone, I did not cry, only in this way, I can keep the last bit of dignity. I want to say" thanks your unfeeling. Let me learn to give up". Actually otherwise, I always ask myself, if I really loved you? Still, from the beginning to the end of three months, you and I have been playing the" emotional game". The game is a game, let a person feel terrible hypocrisy, feel cold.
I really don't understand why you can at the same time, "with a few girls? You should know, the good girl so much, you can only undivided attention to a girl good. Otherwise you can't get happiness. Of course, I will be very sincerely wish you happiness, in the quiet corner. And you will never be the person I am, I have to leave you, or that you leave. You and I, who do not adhere to the. Because you and I who are not each other the "right people". Even left, would not feel regret. Am I right?
I have no intention of one day you will see these, I just write a buried in the bottom of my heart. Really, I do not hope, we will be together again, I know it's just for their greater trauma. I want to thank you for giving me the memories. Do you know? It will be my writing inspiration Oh, I went back to love dreaming of the time, this kind of feeling is really very good. I think, you should know your betrayal, not, perhaps, is the beginning of a complete hoax. Why would I want to be doing this? You ask I'll hate you? I think your heart to me a little bit guilty? But in the emotional world, have no who to who wrong, there is no real who owes who. I want to say that I don't hate you. But I really hate you, perhaps, that's not hate it,samsung galaxy but to blame blame. I know, I have no right to hate you, no extra energy to hate you. After all, nothing major, just hurt me a little. Since it is so not worth mentioning, and not worth bothering about. I was blaming you let me lose a friend. I'm sorry, you give me out. But you never know.
How are you? In the days without me, is it right? You happier than before? Each relationship, is the one and only. And you, but let me learn hurt, let me see the terrible naked betrayal. Finally, you still had to make a choice, I am very happy, you can face these. Maybe, you really mature, learn how to protect that girl. I don't accept your" start over", even if this scene I dreamed many times, I really want to, but I can't do this. You know, this is to protect her, but also to protect myself. And you keep a certain distance away, this is my own advice.
From that day on, I just want to remember those memories of those romantic warmth. You never know how to cherish, you should know, lose again after having been not perfect. We are still small, so the outcome is expected. Some disappointment, some sentimental. I will bless you forever, as each has never met a stranger. Also thank you for your blessing, I will take a good, like never happened.
Overflow cavity and desolate, delete all about you, just memories. Put one's foot down, go my own way.
( half a year later, everything is no longer possible. Perhaps misunderstood each other, but all, about you, just living in the past. Now I was calm,study mandarin just want to for my lost love )

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