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SSL plans to occupy industry leadership position

The European region of the LED industry development is relatively mature, so there is no similar to China's massive subsidies policy.LED Bulb Brand In 2009 the European Union through regulations, provisions in the 2009to 2012and gradually eliminated from the market for incandescent lamp. LEDinside"2011 -2015European LED lighting market report points out," the 2011 European lighting market has been steadily grew to $18900000000in 201010%, than growth, which, in 2011 the European LED lighting market has reached US $2080000000. The next few years by incandescent bulb complete prohibition policy impact, forecast the market will show a substantial growth condition. Prediction of LEDinside, European LED lighting market to 2015will reach US $10000000000during 2011-2015, the compound annual growth rate is estimated to be about38%.

The United States is the LED technology and industry leader, its high-end technology, patent monopoly and the standard system that competitors approach somebody's greatness. The United States of America industry leader status,LED Lighting supplier mainly due to the early in the ten years ago began to vigorously promote the solid state lighting technology research program ( SSL ) as the core of a series of LED industrial policy measures.

At the end of20124, the United States Department of energy released a new" solid state lighting plan" (SSL program). The plan to technology research and development, product manufacturing, commercial support, focusing on the aspects of patent standard system, put forward to promote the United States LED industrial development goals, the route and the corresponding countermeasures.

In a "plan SSL " drive below, the United States Department of energy predicts, to 2030the United States LED solid state lighting market share will reach 73.7%. Every year at the appointed time will save 297trillion kilowatt hour (reduced price $30000000000) lighting electricity, about 45.8% of the power for lighting and 2.1tonnes of carbon emissions.

In addition, the United States President Obama actively promoting green policy, advocate investment of $150000000000spread over a period of 10 years the green construction plan, development of zero energy building ( ZeroEnergyBuilding ) for the United States government energy policy goals. According to the United States Department of energy development plan, expected in 2012when the cold white LED emitting efficiency reaches 176lm/W, in 2015, to 224lm/W, to 2020at 258lm/W for2010,beauty361 dab4d55ck the actual product luminous efficiency more than 2 times.

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