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Along with the development of China's economy surging, commercial office buildings, hotels, the infrastructure project completion of China office and business furniture in the process of change fast development,wholesale office furniture desk guangzhou office environment exhibits also save energy, gaining momentum. In 2012, 29 th China guangzhou international furniture fair (office environment exhibits) will from March 27 to 30, in guangzhou fair pazhou · exhibition held, this exhibition in the original office environment based on the subject matter, the expanded hotel furniture area and public furniture area, the total scale increased to 190000 square meters, and has become the world's largest commercial office and the specialist furniture exhibition.


The exhibition in the future will gradually formed three specialized subject plate-office environment, hotels matching and public space, realize from the office furniture to business specialist and interior decoration is outspread, for including interior designers, strong business, large commercial agency procurement, furniture dealers, provide the real audience "one-stop" exhibition experience.

For example we research and development of intelligent locks system, when you open the door after, indoor power supply, lamps, curtain, drawer locks will automatically open, close the door of the time when all the equipment also is met subsequently closed, convenient and practical, not only can you save time, still can improve the quality of the office. The filing cabinet series, economic file cabinets, bookcase series, safe series

You see this office chair (shaw as a total I-cool series of intelligence chair), it is according to the human body engineering to design, on the exterior and the traditional chair and not too big gap, but please you carefully look at it in a button on the armrest, and the button can easily achieve lift or hind admire, operate up is very convenient, need not trouble yourself to play with the chair. And this chair can easily deformation, if you sit tired can chair become stents shape, and stood up against the it office, convenient, comfortable, this also is a kind of intelligent embodiment.

Along with the development of the industry of office furniture, customers for the quality of the furniture demand more and more high, high-end office furniture market will be constantly widened. From the perspective of research and development of furniture, office furniture intelligent will be the future years irreversible trend, humanity, green furniture design also will, as always, is to advocate. As this I cool series office furniture although focus on outstanding intelligent, but we all the furniture design is the premise of green environmental protection, all the material also is no pollution can be retrieved.

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