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The publicity trend of sea water pearl is really stronger than fresh water pearl.But actually ignore is a necklace or a pearl powder.


The sea water pearl all not equal to fresh water pearl okay.Reason is as follows: the mm see the data judging by himself/herself To say how to choose pearl powder get the amino acids content of explaining the sea water pearl and fresh water pearl first A:amino acids content concerning the fresh water pearl and the sea water pearl(research surface, Tahitian pearlthe fresh water pearl whole amino acids content is higher) A:actually the composition of sea water pearl and fresh water pearl is just about:Various analytical discover, the composition of fresh water pearl and sea water pearl doesn't have the differentiation of root, the fresh water pearl has 13 kinds of amino acids contents to compare with sea water pearl, are higher, 2 kind with it hold even, 3 kinds of contents of amino acidses more the sea water pearl is low(such as 《Chinese pharmacy magazine 》 1989 Issue 5313 Weng Lin Fu in the hospital etc. carried on an analysis comparison to the chemistry composition of the fresh water pearl powder and the sea water pearl powder.


Analyze result enunciation, the chemistry composition of fresh water pearl and sea water pearl is unanimously basic, Freshwater pearland more researches proved this). B:sea water pearl because of checking too greatly, the pearl quality thickness is only a 0.1 mms~0.8 millimeter.All of fresh water pearl 100%s are pearl qualities.If want to make 100% pure sea water pearl powders, have to throw away pit, the price is high to get astonishing.The sea water pearl powder of pure and unadulterated needs to use the highest price to make.Therefore the sea water pearl powder in nowadays isn't that the bead female layer used real sea water pearl grind.But is use the layer in the shell part system.


Actually should be called nacreous sea water powder. C:the pearl powder is this aspect, the fresh water pearl contains natural advantage, its amino acids content is opposite but talks higher, but its manufacturing cost is much lower, because the fresh water pearl is non-nuclear, all of the whole pearls are to make use of of pearl bead quality, and can promise 100% whole bead quality compositions.(point real pearl powder here certainly, not false powder)Therefore, the fresh water pearl powder is a personality price to compare higher choice. Two.Concerning the sea water nacreous powder A:mean to use a pearl shell most inside the layer of part make of powder,South Sea pearl the composition is still similar to effect and pearl powder, but have research enunciation to have difference.For obtaining nacre, have to throw away the Leng pillar of the periostracum and the middle out of the shell layer(its calcium carbonate is calcite structure), the best use a physical method to whet an outside layer with intermediate is a raw material.


But actual of circumstance BE, a lot of factories only use strong alkaline material NaOH etc. to smash after throwing away the periostracum of outside, and still declare is a pearl powder.This type of is the hardest let what person recognize. B:the underneath is the seller of nacreous a sea water powder nacreous to sea water powder word explanation: Mean to use sea water pearl shell most inside the part system of layer of powder, the composition is similar to effect and pearl powder for the sake of obtaining nacre, have to throw away the periostracum out of the shell and the Leng pillar of the middle layer(total calcium carbonate is calcite structure), the best use a physical method to whet an outside layer with intermediate is a raw material. All of the sea water pearl are 1 Fs powder, the sea water bead has pit bead, can not whet powder.The sea water nacreous powder is the powder that the film in ash white of the sea water pearl shell inner part whets down, the ordinary people comprehend the sea water pearl powder is to whet sea water pearl of the powder in fact on the contrary isn't pure like this, should for him also whetted the pit of sea water water pearl together, this material that pit has very various.The result that whets together is an impurity.The nacreous powder material is many, therefore the production cost is low and process process different, more thin process more complicated, so the price is different.So the generally big business enterprises all choose the quality good pearl shell thicker layer in the inner part to carry on a processing, the small workshop makes use of the remaining material and abandons bead to whet powder together, is all powder, but rise a pure degree different from the thin degree,Golden South Sea pearl the effect is also different.


Three.The pearl powder that the concerning the queen mother of Ci Xi eats refutes a rumour a.The palace secret recipe pearl powder(the pearl powder that the Ci Xi eats) product characteristics:the raw material draw from a pure and free from pollution medicine to use non-nuclear fresh water pearl. b.The Ci Xi once said:"the weight of pearl powder this one thing weighed very much!""If it just a little takes a food how many, that is to can help very much we stay to halt our youth, its effect is pure to reveal on the skin, make the person's skin been very soft slippery have light, the aged person can generally have no two with young person;The weight that just takes a food must be a little bit little, and each time two, must across an equal day, or its taking the weight of food be once getting tooer many, or literally take to eat every several days as for time that didn't stipulate, that end is absolutely still huge harmful for the human body not beneficial!"


Four is abridged by me, and the problem of invitation card didn't relate to.Concerning pearl powder different method of using Five.As for non-nuclear fresh water pearl and have the pit sea water the pearl. I feel that everyone purchases a mistake area, the good elephant feels more big more good.In fact real came up to say from the essence, everyone's buying pearl was blunt what go to of, basically say still pearl quality, Jewellery Manufacturersnot wrap at in of stone head????You think that if is the pearl of sea water farming to say, store for matching everyone to need and declining low cost, a clam transplants a circle circle consumedly inside the pit, short few months, wrapped the 1 F very thin pearl quality, 1 consumedly of the pearl came out, but so of big sea water pearl, pearl quality the layer is thin and wear a period of time, sheen what of will slowly body of advantage also the embodiment didn't come out(I don't know that I say these to will can't have stores to beat I scold me) sea water pearl like this and same size, the outward appearance looks the fresh water pearl of seeming the same quality to compare(the fresh water pearl wants to grow to be 10 millimeters of or so, have to get just can form after 5-10 years) I think that the inside margin is very obvious(the sea water pearl bead female layer thickness can not the naked eye see, can go to quality and check examination in the bureau of, examine expenses 100-500 dollars is probably)

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