Prepare to be pregnant

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Prepare to be pregnant the food preparation be pregnant mother's food
Everybody may all need more folic acids, and not only is only women's demand.The folic acid is a kind of B clan vitamin, it can lower a heart attack, suffer a stroke, cancer, diabetes of outbreak rate.And can lower a baby nerve tube abnormal,Catering Servicefor example have no spinal column baby.

According to the United States public health service organization say, big the part teach an age the women should take 400 tiny gram of folic acids every day, equal to 0.4 milligrams.If you of the household has the nerve tube the abnormal baby's history, so the doctor will suggest your daily folic acid takes quantity to increase to 4 milligrams, and is being pregnant to start taking a month ago at least,smart TV remote pregnancy of wanted to have been taking 3 months ago.

The vitamin supplement that the medicine store counter sells should imply 800 tiny gram of folic acids, and you can also eat rich food with the folic acid, for example deep greenery vegetable(for example spinach and cabbage), orange, nut, bean, enhance nourishment bread, corn.The folic acid is a kind of water-soluble vitamin, so if you take an excessive folic acid and too many part the meeting run off body.Some women need not this applies this regulation, the folic acid surfeit will cause vitamin B-12 lack a disease, Spiral Plate Heat Exchangersometimes the vegetarian will appear this kind of disease.If you think that you exists these problems, so you can consult a doctor.

The ideal weight that make sure you:Because you think at pregnant make own weight as far as possible attained ideal appearance, so prepare to be pregnant the weight in period reduce a few catty(or increase a few catties, if you too thin)s at you to are the most ideal.Make sure first whether oneself should reduce weight or increase fatty, then design a beautiful food plan.Choose low fat, high fiber food.Start or increase to toughen time, attain to reduce 0.75-1.5 catties of targets every week, this is the safety standard for reducing weight.Quickly reduce weight the nourishment that will consume inside the body to store,plate type heat exchanger to pregnancy disadvantageous.

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