Say I bother because

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Say I bother because once I more than anyone else.

I remember I cried out of breath.


Because the break up.

Used to be myHTPC Keyboard own dignity on the soles of the feet.

To restore the feelings in life.

Once I for one person can do everything up.

Since nothing is more important than him.

Once I for one can do anything to pay.

Because this is my love.

I had to look at a person that he left bit by bit cry to despair.

Because there will be no trace of him.

I was being thrown away by people.

No matter how to cry.

Once I put those tears cry cry as much as.

Because of the heartbreak.

Was what I feel despair.

Because the world no longer that I used to love the people around.

I used to be a person in order to give their heart out.

Because this is my determination.

Once I beg the people.

Put down the so-called dignity.

Used to be my death shameless intentionally just talk to him.

Because I want to know my heart will not have my existence.

Once I pretend not to care at his mood at others for his message.

Because I want to have a look if he has a girlfriend.

I will just tell others,solar module cell this is me.

Because it is used.

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