Sun Wanbao and I have a business relationship

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Or endanger the survival of enterprises
In October 28th last year, that Sun Wanbao injured in Zhongshan3weeks later, the Zhongshan Municipal Public Security Bureau on suspicion of the crime of intentional injury to Xu Guang the name,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk the implementation of arrest.

Since then, hundreds of lighting production and operation, has no normal. The reporter learned from the side, since Xu Guangjin detention center, the company owns more than 300 stores would no longer from headquarters to obtain stable supply. " And other domestic many private enterprises hundreds of lighting, the founder of the enterprise, at the helm, once its because of changes and leave the command post, management immediately into no leader in state." One hundred years of cooperation and lighting dealer told the reporters, without Xu Guang," Frau." certainly not.

" We have to shut down." Above the hundreds of lighting staff also told reporters that, although Xu Guang because of health reasons in the miserable, however, in the first half of this year to still write articles or through other channels to the backbone of the company, management experience, he wished to return as soon as possible by hundreds of lighting, led to weigh Zhen xiongfeng.

The destiny of enterprises on marriage records
In many outsiders seem, Xu Guanghe Guo Feng's the marriage disputes, it is a naked property interest.

Early in the marriage dispute in Shandong and Hubei since the case, Guo Feng has been brought to the court of Xu Guang has many assets frozen. To this end, Xu Guang said," I made them in later downtown, is actually want to share my property."

The lawyer thinks, once the marriage was legal recognition, the woman will require all of the property of the Xu Guang segmentation. It may even affect the entire hundreds of lighting the ownership of assets disposal. The company in the entire industry chain inside status play a decisive role, the stakes are very wide, because if the marriage disputes and encounter spin-off, may directly affect the downstream of many related enterprises interests.

It is understood, hundreds of lighting production company lighting sales of several billion yuan, is the industry recognized the giants. Sun Wanbao discloses, at present that Guo Feng and Xu Guang have a legal marriage between the most direct evidence is, by Guo Feng saved a September 12, 1998in the old street town to receive the marriage registration archives. For the record, Xu Guang has insisted that it is time to account for children to imitate. According to the Wuhan City Xinzhou District marriage registration office also issued to court, called the Xu Guanghe Guo Feng without the marriage registration archives, Guo Feng shows the file number, was January 15, 1998the awarded to another couple of registration files.

The charge, the future and wait for the court decision, with minor type of criminal charges, is the first to pull open heavy curtain.T8 LED lamp In court yesterday, both revolve around whether Xu Guang intentionally driving hit Sun Wanbao's problem debate. And is intended to help restore the truth of all kinds of video and photographic evidence is also and disc end.

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