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Europe, beautiful textile clothing importers in the choice of overseas main concern supply four winds, namely the price, quality, solar panel 2012dab4c51ck delivery date, the minimum order quantity. At present, China is the foreign market the main clothing sources of supply, and it's growing. The foreign merchants hope Chinese suppliers can do the following.

One is the competitive price. This is not as prices as low as possible, but to have the best price versus performance ratio. Second, the reliable quality. Not only the first batch of goods, and each batch ask to have the same level of quality. Foreign companies in order products processing technology and put forward after the quality requirements, and often left the supplier, after confirmation of the sample products inspection as batch basis.


The samples form is commonly seal kind, it shows that in the batch sex before production, supply unit and order in business product color, style and quality of a material and components, accessories and textiles face types and use, such as sewing process party just reached a consensus. 3 it is the reasonable time of delivery. Many foreign companies every month, launching the new dress design and series, which requires the suppliers have fast production cycle and larger sample manufacturing capacity. baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe Four is the time limit for the payment as long as possible. Five is the most complete package. All the goods itself require with identification tag, says on the price tag.


The content of the labels include fiber structure, origin and nursing matters. Packing boxes or bags outside marked package number, the number of product color, size and the consignee. Pay attention to the details of the package will make suppliers look more professional. Six is into foreign markets before, well pick up all kinds of small orders to prepare. Chinese manufacturers should be aware of the local purchasing habits foreign company. Such as Australia to the requirements of the T-shirt is every kind of each color,personal computer remote 2012 500 pieces per batch of Spain are also purchase order number won't be too much.


The buyer every time alone, may require suppliers in the same series of goods, offers a variety of design slightly different color card. Seven is to do business directly with the factory, so it is not the instrument can ensure the best price, and can make the customer's costume designer and factory direct communication director. In addition, foreign clothing products buyers generally require vendors to rapidly and accurately provide textile clothing order samples,furniture industryjue214edf and be ready to explain the sample big difference between the proportion, will try to unforeseen difficulties or risk in the contract clear expression, avoid disputes to keep long-term cooperation with customers.

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