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Computer is in constant development and progress of. Similarly, as supplies, peripherals product and user and more closely. In particular, the keyboard has become our contact number and the most commonly used input device.PC remote control Keyboard structure experienced mechanical, plastic film, non contact capacitive, conductive rubber development course, and the keyboard character printing methods have made great progress and improve.
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The United States a group of graphic keyboard enthusiasts specifically looking for Cherry customization products, and Cherry company requirements within one year is not permitted to sell to other areas. This keyboard on many linux IT media editors have fatal attraction, but many do not understand the keyboard buyers to be rather baffling graphic keyboard feel. If you understand the imprint keyboard history, and like his pure feeling, so he must be the best choice for you.
On behalf of: Cherry G80-3000LPCXY-2
Laser etching
The so-called laser etching is the use of laser engraving technology in burning black cap groove. Because the moment of traces is linear, so the common laser etched keyboard arrow and so on are all hollow.
Now there are a large number of white keyboard are the basic use of this key technology, a major manufacturer of settle on its low cost, despite its production line price is high, but its daily output is ten times more than other printing methods, but also because of Burn 's handwriting, so do not need any other measures can have very clear and strong writing. Its mass is another reason why more environmentally friendly, no harmful substances generated.
But the laser etching also has several fatal flaw, this also decided it could not be used for the production of high-grade keyboard. First of all, due to the laser etching belongs to etching, and without the use of ink, so only a single black font, so in the high-end keyboard on the common multicolor overprint design cannot do; secondly, high-end keyboard for appearance design and durability needs, using mostly the white color design, and the key materials to add the wear resistance of the filler, but due to the laser etching characteristics, making it in a white tie and adding other filler keyboard cannot etch out the ideal clear writing; finally, laser etching machine structure design and programming makes it way are preferably used to manufacture standard key layout keyboard, ergonomic and non standard architecture the product is very difficult in the ordinary laser etching machine printed.
Because of this, so the manufacturers of products production line, laser etching is used in low production line to use its production speed, low cost advantage; and in the high-end product line,bluetooth keyboard due to higher printing quality requirements, so we can only continue to use the traditional high cost of ink printing method.

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