The memory of injury

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Since last night, drizzle is hazy.acer tabletStay in the morning is intermittent, near Castle Peak has been vague, confusing mountain and day boundary, only Bai Mengmeng a!

Feel the rain, cause many people yearning and love, how many people and the lost dream!

I try to poke the fog and heavy curtain, cold rain woke me up from my childish mistakes.

Standing in the rain, let the wind swaying, the baptism of rain, just want to have some clear, so as not to lose too much and feel guilty.

Through heavy rain, but do not know where to place. Just don't want to go back to walk ...

Line in the rain I have no home, look at the gray sky and open your eyes. Hit in the face of rain beating notes, rain can be seen everywhere.motorola xoom On through the rain, like a gray sky can't see your face.

The rain one point one underground, seconds to move. Yet you can't see my tears heart is with the suffering ...

Quietly stand in the rain, let the hair blows in the wind. Close my eyes and feel your temperature.

Really want to love the rain sound to you, but how to numb the nerve no impulse.

See the door slowly, I have some frustration, really do not want to go on the most familiar door. Stop in the rain, tears to eyes, hesitation I at a loss. The rain in front of me, not knowing the retain its shadow, or to keep it clear.

One point one bad mood, feeling more and more uncomfortable, the night curtain down light rain still persist in one's old ways.

Entering the house, I'm still all alone, htc flyeryou give the world still vague, listen to rain on the outside of things, half black half Chu to find antecedents ...

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