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The bridegroom chooses wedding dress gold rule
Bridegroom's wedding dress and bride's full dress similarly want to cautiously choose, so, how does bridegroom's wedding dress choose?Full dress chosen by bridegroom should match with the bride's wedding dress and full dress, on the features and make a show of equilibrium feeling to match each other in the whole feeling.

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Whole to say, can see in the trend of the current of time bridegroom's wedding dress and other vice- piece match a design to incline to cultured, high and simple, and want to match with age, body type and situation and budget.Now ignore is bride's wedding dress or bridegroom's wedding dresses to all greatly walk Jian Yue Feng, male popular of full dress include:Long full dress, Italianism full dress and uniform type full dress etc..

Bridegroom's wedding dress wants to choose to be own suitable of, only suit own full dress, then can strengthen to repair weak, exert the advantage on the shape now, cover up weakness.Accordingly, a set of suitable bridegroom's wedding dress is really count for much.

Bridegroom's wedding dress chooses:

★ The shape is high large

This type of bridegroom is suitable to wear any full dress of pattern, particularly with double the row button up with swallow-tailed coat most is outstanding.

★ The shape is short small scaled

The most suitable match bridegroom's wedding dress of simple style, single Jin or point get upward full dress to all suit very much and as far as possible avoid a swallow-tailed coat, double, the row buttons up or and full dress of the Jin, because the comparison of these full dress will make the leg looked shorter, in order not to from it is short, should avoid wearing.

★ The shape lean type

If the body figure belongs to a higher Tiao lean male and suggests to be dressed in to tailor some bodies, the exploitation can make your body form seemed to be slightly full dress of having the amount of to cover up to pare a thin body form.

★ The shape fat typewedding dresses

Body figure fatter bridegroom, mighting as well make use of can accept various body figure of even take orally, but please avert from rounder new moon to get;The western dress gets and has the Leng the angular sword to appreciate more suitable plentiful smooth face type.The bridegroom wedding dress color as far as possible chooses that the deep color fastens and avoids shallow color, swallow-tailed coat and opens full dress of Jin.

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