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There is such an experiment: a runner in a panel of 5 human race, before the game the coach says to him, as far as I know, 4 other people 's strength is inferior to you, then, this player is easily ran first. Then the coach has let him participate in a 10 team competition, housing area coach do others do for him, he found the others and themselves, and he easily ran first, then, the players took part in the 20 group game, the coach said, you only have to overcome them of a person, you will be able to achieve victory, results, furnishing accessories in the game he followed the coach said that athletes, and in the final sprint, and won first prize. Later, for a place, before the game, about the other athletes, coaches and didn't and he communicated, in groups of 5 in the competition, he reluctantly took first place, then the 10 group's competition he slid to second, 20 of the game, water distribution he only took fifth the name. But the actual situation is. The other players of each group with the first level exactly the same.


Yes, the life we often is such, lack of competition competence, and often give yourself with a lower position, like school when we: primary school, he is class leader, think of the first name of his "; up to junior high school, for many people, think you can have a top 10 is good, so once the test to the top 10, will be pleased with oneself; after high school, discoloration the targets set lower, even if is slightly different, it will comfort myself: master so much, is very good. So, I step by step from excellent to mediocrity.


A famous entrepreneur once said, a good talent, his self-confidence permanent. If we had a piece of gold, and finally because of the lack of lasting confidence, and is willing to become a grain of sand. We were good. However, we are lack of self-confidence, step by step takes us from the excellent high pull down, all the way to the mediocre position. Self-Gan mediocrity, life is a tragedy, and the tragedy of life. But, more often, initial renovation is our own, director of the disaster and tragedy.

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