Why men keep cool

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Many people think that sex is common, female sexual dysfunction problems. Experts found, Frigidity not female patents.
The married man low desire
Many women think, a man's sexual desire is very strong. This idea originated from the experience of their girlhood, because at that time, and they are the same age boys are in the period of the libido. In fact, 20 year old man may want to do "that thing", but the adult married men, they are more prone to a variety of different levels of marital communication,pearl jewelry not only meet the requirements of.
Psychologists, adolescent boys did more than women and sexual fantasies, they tend to be emotional needs and needs to be confused, through to meet the emotional needs. But with the increase of age, work pressure and family burden will make the adolescence that strong sexual desire weakens. Of course, there are also a few man sexual desire has been relatively strong, can lump together.
Investigation discovery, in the sexual life of discordant couples, produces frigidity is often one of the husband. Entered in older men, just need a hug, a kiss or intimate whisper. A pure sense of sexual intercourse was more attractive to a married man.
Continuous cold why
Man sustained or repeated to show little interest in sex, lack of sexual activity in the subjective desire, including sexual dreams and sexual fantasies, lack of participation in the activities of consciousness, even deprive him of his activities, he has no sense of frustration, we called it"". Cause a man of this state, there are multiple psychological and physiological factors --
Lack of knowledge. Think" one drop of blood, ten," sexual activity ( including masturbation ) will affect people's life, damage strength.
Adverse life and sex. Irregular schedule, living conditions, life lacks freshness, and demand, sexy by communication between husband and wife is not enough, the lack of common interest and trust each other, men often can not meet the wife feels depression and anxiety, will let men of low sexual desire.
Age factors. Men's sexual climax period usually before the age of 30, and then embarked on a downhill path. While their partner may just off the shy attitude, emerged stronger demand.
Diseases of the endocrine system. Human sexuality and endocrine system close.plastic bag manufacturer After the illness, the secretion of sex hormone balance is disturbed, the person's sexual desire will be abnormal, even sexual frigidity or of hyperthyroidism. The male common issues menopausal androgen secretion deficiency, hypothyroidism, hyperprolactinemia.
Sexual dysfunction. ED ( erectile dysfunction ), premature ejaculation problems will defeat the man of pride, for a long time, they began to gradually withdraw refuses even to sexual life, resulting in low libido.
In addition, systemic disorders, such as cancer, chronic diseases, neurological diseases, malnutrition, excessive fatigue, may cause low libido. Excessive nutrients, obesity can also let no man" of interest". Certain drugs, such as certain antihypertensive drugs, sedatives, or psychiatric drugs, alcohol, smoking,office furniture drugs are one of the reasons causing the low libido.

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