Why not rent an electric heater

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An electric heater with the combination of hot electric heat and an ultra quiet industrial fan would do the trick. About 100,000 BTU's of quiet, clean-blowing heated air will do just fine. Why not rent an electric heater?

There is certainly no budget to purchase a heater, but there is a need to get one. Renting an electric heater is the only answer.

The bands are set to arrive in a couple of hours. Weather reports indicate that temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s. But these performers haven't appeared in this town and at this venue in 10 years. Tickets for this outdoor performance have been sold out for a month. The crowd has been shivering in place for two hours with more fans on the way. You planned for this contingency because you are an experienced Road Manager who has been through this countless number of times.

You need to rent a heater for the stage with a little spillover for those fans lucky enough to get front row seats. And don't forget the noise level. After all, the heater noise can' t out do the bass guitars and the sound should not be in competition with the drummer. The heater rental you are looking for should heat up to 30 feet of space, with a noise level of 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Bride insists on the wedding of her dreams. The proposal was in January, the engagement has gone for far too long. It is time to tie the knot. The place of her dreams just happens to be in the backyard, under the tree, away from the sun on the coldest day of the year. The bride insists and the groom concurs.

You need to rent a heater right now. A custom, portable, electric rental heater is just the thing. The key issues in heater rental are the same as a purchase: Safety, reliability, convenience, and affordability. Most electric heater rentals are used for stage events, performance tents, canopies, and rooms where heat is in short supply. But renting a heater can simply be to supplement what's already in place.

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