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Beautiful councilman's scandal exposes lightning flash resignation
According to American medium February is 10, American political arena again explodes illicit love scandal.The federal congressman Chris of New York gives Fu ·local time Lee suddenly declare a resignation on the 9th, the reason was its behavior to hurt family.There is a report way pointing out later on, resignation Lee because is making friends top in the website heel unfamiliar woman flirtation and deliver a half naked picture drive medium Tong come out.

Active on the economy recovery subject

46-year-old Lee is a federal councilman of two Republican party, is Lower House to raise a style of committee member, very stimulate on the economy recovery subject, he lives in Washington's special area with wife Michaelle and young son, Joe, Na Sen.The American gossip medium exposed recently this year Lee the record in the version piece the heel unfamiliar woman flirtation of adult from"gram thunder space list" in website for January 14.

"Gram thunder space list" is the United States famous free classification information website, there is market research suggesting, it is very welcomed by people, is the American cellular phone customer browses time grows most of website.There is an adult in that website version piece the equal fire explode, not a few net friends develop a virtual romance and look for one night stand object here.

Lie the single seduces an unfamiliar female

This year January 14, a name wasn't disclosed of in the adult's version piece last hair, the 34 years old Maryland government female employee's inquiry whether someone can prove that the male who browse"gram thunder space list" doesn't all not is a toad, she needs to look for "height's above 6 feet(about 1.83 meters), 30-40 years old of, rich return humorous single of man".A very quick man who nameds "Chris gives Fu · Lee" replies for her hair and claim to be "strong, wit, classic of"39 years old divorce political professional diplomats, completely match a condition.

2 people chat in the network in continuously seduce each other, "Lee" successively delivers oneself to wear light blue Polo Shan and the recreation of white west trousers shine on and an up body bareness of from take photo, that woman then praises "Lee" absolutely and is like the clothing mold of JcPenny department store especially.2 people still discussed respectively to date last time later on of circumstance, that woman calls that oneself just dated but met with the colleague's cousin for 10 minutes to want to leave several weeks ago, but"Lee" then reveal, oneself just on January 10 and another a woman flirtation of "gram thunder space list", but discover the latter not he originally thinks of then beautiful looks.

Once sought lend oral test diagram deny

This 34-year-old woman is gradual to doubt to"Lee"'s age and occupation creation in the confabulation, is carrying on some kind of person's meat to confirm him in the tell a falsehood after searching, not only no longer manage him return 2 people the dialogue explode to anticipate to American medium Gawker of majoring in a person's gossip.The Gawker reporter discovers song mailbox account in the valley of the usage of"Lee" with together the New York congressman look exactly alike in the mailbox of "theatrical mask"(facebook) and wire councilman's office to inquire this matter later on.

The Lee inception requests to remain mum to the interview of this medium and also deleted own"theatrical mask" numbered account and lie that its mail numbered account robs to use, its spokesman's oath solemnly pledged earth's surface shows, councilman Lee once delivered in the net top of the only photograph is to repair in Washington's dwelling with family the plan change of old furniture.

The scandal after exposing the lightning flash resigns

But face dialogue record and various clueseses that the reporter provides, Lee finally can not deny.Gawker leads off to expose this matter on February 9.Record with half naked picture in the flirtation drive after publicly only three hours, Lee quickly admitted this matter and apologize to family."I regretted behavior like this very much to result in to the family, team and votes injury, I profoundly but in earnest extend apology to the owner.I made a serious mistake, I promised to make great effort to win their pardons to them."BE accepting a blessing gram, when the Si television station covers Lee means that oneself begs humbly cuckoldry pardon, 2 people will negotiate how pass through a current difficult period.

Lee still declares in the mail giving reporter he will immediately resign and let it because of own mistake"can not concentrate energy to should face face to face to the west of New York and the United States of rigorous challenge".

Decide to his resignation, the American net friend comments on different.Someone thinks that his heel, that woman dided not take place materiality contact at all, for the sake of affair like this' resigning from a councilman is absolutely a much ado about nothing, another standpoint then praises Lee to brave to be responsible for own behavior.

Blessing gram the commentary of the Si television station then points out, the South Carolina eparch, democracy party person's mulberry blessing is secretly virtuous to take"go to Ba La agree second mountain range hiking" as curtain to play a disappearance to see a sweetheart, drive the medium are after exposing still refuse immediately resignation, this makes the image of democracy party greatly been influenced;But Lee did the best affair to Republican party after the scandal exposed, that was to sign a horse to get fired the person of walking.
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