Varicose socks is not credible

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Recently, the market and online - a varicose socks products, because the claim can be thin leg received a lot of young women's love. On the 6 day, the reporter visited several hospitals to understand, varicose socks thin leg is not scientific,Cable manufacturer normal people should avoid trial so as not to cause discomfort.

" Our office a total of 4 women, 3 people bought varicose socks." Citizen Gao Na tells a reporter. Reporters in a shopping online to see, varicose veins thin leg socks are 220D, 380D, 400D, 420D and other specifications. D ( also refers to the higher Daniel numbers ), the greater the pressure. Shop shopping guide said, the socks can not only for treatment of varicose veins, can thin leg, the greater the pressure effect is better. Socks prices in several yuan to 1000 yuan, some businessmen also claimed are imported products.

Sites have tried before and after photos, there are many similar" really lost 2CM" reviews. "I also read so much netizen evaluation, but also by a lot of people to buy, I am only a trial." Gao Na said. But Gao Na and several classmates found, after wearing leg does look than usual fine, but my legs tied very closely. " What are uncomfortable, always thinking of tug, let it relax. Take off your socks, legs or the original thickness." Gao Na said.

The reporter learned through surgical section of Dezhou People's Hospital doctors, varicose socks is promoting venous return of cardiac function products, divided into health care and treatment, the doctor will patients according to the disease degree to select socks pressure value. But health people wear varicose socks will result in lower extremity arterial insufficiency, the effects of limb tissue development and growth is more, said there is no scientific basis.靜脈曲張

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