It is numerous to treat the patch method

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Itis numerous to treat the patch method, it is only a way to strip fast, because is the damaging treatment to the epidermis, choose cautiously.

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After the cuticle is peeled, if it is cold, the loss of the moisture of skin, the blood vessel shrinks, the blood flow slowly or silt is purple. It is warm to raise for skin to lose, cause skin to be tight to wrinkle even not dry to split to infect to fester. Accelerated the old and feeble process of the skin at the same time.

2,Red blood silk

Because epidermis cell layer is peeled, the capillary it is obvious indistinctly, while meeting hotly with sports or excitedly, angiectasis, the blood flow is accelerated, so make the face ruddy. This is our common red blood silk.

3,Allergic responseInformation about food best pearl, should south sea pearls

After the epidermis cell layer is peeled, make the blood vessel expand or break. Therefore has produced Se of red rash of the skin and itched and taken off the bits, the infeted of bacterium are apt to fester, can even cause skin carcinoma.

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Because epidermis cell layers of large area damaged, its repair with ultraviolet ray -proof function achieving, influencing by oneself, so  may make the condition become more serious.

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