Don't treat one's own face as

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Don't treat one's own face as "  If I am right Rub the clothing board with the hands " 

Adiameter is smaller than gold silk of 0.1 millimetres to deal with the gold of 24k nanotechnology, through genuine leather layer to plant into skin of planting into etc., " make young year such as Third Five-Year Plan Period such as people after the one month and then, also can ' freeze youth ', 50 year old look like 30 more than years old at will " . Gold silk cosmetology, Hi-Tech of propagating again and again on some advertisements changed the face, thin face needle etc. but let the persons who like to be beautiful suffer many privations. The report on media a few days ago, a host in Beijing went to the beauty parlor to inject " the thin face needle " And then nearly disfeature, the liquid injected in is difficult to take out again.

So-called what the specific underground cosmetic organization launches silently at the same time "  The cosmetology of gold silk "  spinach008 Bring numerous side reactions too.

The expert call upon, the personage don't do the trial target with the face blindly to like to be beautiful.

[The current situation is investigated ]  " Hi-Tech "  Probably "  False science and technology " 

On BBS of many cosmetic websites, reporters have seen the methods letting the face be hard-to-get and beautiful of a multitude of names,blackcurrant do not see and does not know, see and give a start, " Hi-Tech " of now Can let you become the stage of the whole city beauty if unexpectedly get developedly to have one injection.

" much performers who stepped into the middle age had all planted the gold silk, so does not show one's age at all! " "The hosts all inject the poisonous bacillus of meat and hit the thin face needle, so the heavy make-up of becoming a regular practice, the skin is still very good   "According to unureal and said these while propagating, public personages' beauty seems to all lean against the project that these large regular aprico hospitals do not launch and bring up.

But the reporter saw in some websites the query of the net friends that tried stuck to immediately: "The thin face needle which I hit in February, the liver will feel oppressed and feel occasionally in a fortnight, spirit seems dispirited much. Though the thin face has certain results, worry about the health a bit! "

One insisting on anonymity facelift department authoritative expert point out so-called " gold silk improve looks " , " Hi-Tech changes the face "  Wait, the majority is launched in some underground cosmetic organizations silently. Full of technology that South Korea eliminate, but full of South Korea and can run but our country does not allow to do. The principle of this kind of technology is that the human body, to planting into arranging the different response of the thing, the rejection will let the organism secrete materials parcels such as the collagen,etc. out, it, form the membrane of bag, " prop up " the skin of the original fold Stand up, have smooth skin and result of reducing wrinkle to some people. Should perform the operation, might sterilize, cause to infect alternately disease completely, or it is problematic to plant into own quality of the products, a lot relevant persons who does over again operation which the large hospital received.

[The expert calls upon ]  Don't treat one's own face as "  Rub the clothing board with the hands " 

See too many women costing a lot of money for U.S.A., hear many women who liked to be beautiful even destroy the appearance in order to ask U.S.A., skin head of the department, doctoral supervisor Professor Li Bin of subsidiary hospital of Yueyang of Shanghai traditional Chinese medicine university feels very sorry,date he think a blind one ask American psychology let young girl son relax vigilance is perfectly willing to regard own face as an experiment field. In fact, instead of seeking to ask the beautiful method artificially earnestly, not as good as touching it by oneself, study some simple and practical cosmetic attack strategies.

To liking to be beautiful in the woman's consultation in the daily clinic, Professor Li finds a lot of women regard face as the wash-board, use a lot of clean pieces of milk while washing the face each time, the ones that risked one's life are rubed with the hands, many times, feel enjoyable to rub a lot of bubble bubbles with the hands out, especially some persons of the long small pox on the face, dying to wash for two or three times while washing the face each time, this a tender and lovely skin on the opposite side comes to say rather a bit ruder. Exerting oneself too quicklily will injure the cuticle, it will make the skin dry to too wash the face frequently, coarse.

An investigation finds more than 80% of the women wash the face methods and all have a mistake or slip. A lot of skin issue wash face to be method incorrect washing cleanly to lead to the fact too. Even use the expensive cosmetics, if the working technique is wrong, the clean result that will improve looks that can't get up too, so require U.S.A. to start from the most basic one first.

[Especially remind ]  " the vegetables and fruits stick to the face "  It is not that Nothing is taboo

Women liking to be beautiful all understand, the treatment of the skin is as important as maintenance, if want to let a face radiate expression for a long time, reach skin care special counter choose some high technicalization, taken from natural eyes membrane, facial film of vegetables and fruits, can also at ordinary times oneself DIY vegetables and fruits facial film at home. According to the introduction of Professor Li, vegetables and fruits stick to face draw materials with their convenient good and inexpensive firmlying get some personage of high praises, for example the apple can make the oil of skin secrete the equilibrium to mash into the external application of mud, there is function of softening the skin cuticle; Smash watermelon peel juice, mix honey transfer paste, apply, in skin red hot place, can lighten, sunburn, swell and ache phenomenon of peeling and promote, repair shine, and generally difficult to cause irritated; Stir the banana into a thick liquid form, scribble on the face, can remove the facial dirt, increase skin nutrition; To go to bed late, eyes caused to stay up ache swelling, can select light cucumber block + ice-cubes cold compress for use, one minute later, the eyes will be very nice and cool, comfortable, bright. The celery contains the colloid carbon calcium, the human body is apt to absorb, it is the most suitable that the beautiful body enriches the calcium, stir, fetch the external application of juice with aloe leaf and proportion, suitable for all kinds of skins quality, it is cool and calm and moistening skin to resist quickly and dispelling the uncomfortable utility of red swelling of face.

But a lot of people did not realize, it was not that Nothing is taboo in the course of using that the vegetables and fruits stuck to the face. At the choice of time at first, some vegetables and fruits have lemon, celery, cucumber,etc. getting photosensitive, it is very easy to cause skin inflammation under the circumstances that the sunshine shines, even cause the melanin to be active and grow the spot, should avoid using these vegetables and fruits to stick to the face before drying in the sun; Secondly it is a frequentness question, there is one among certain one in the renewal of the skin, generally propose it is spacing interval in one week, overly frequent vegetables and fruits stick to the disorder that the face can cause the skin supersession, does not recommend either; Finally, behind the doctor warn that applies the face with the vegetables and fruits at ordinary times, should pay attention to cleaning in time, in order to avoid residues.
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