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The Ministry of Economic Affairs dint Tuo cross-straits LED illuminates business opportunities
The cross-straits led illuminates a market to see Qiao!Cross-straits will hold LED at the beginning of November the industry take a bridge meeting, according to know, Guangzhou, Xiamen two make experiements more than 50,000 plans, may complete in the near future, then examine result, LED Tube Light Manufacturerdon't expel to extend to 502,000,000 in city in the mainland.The market estimates mainland LED industry chain production value at least renminbis 500,000,000,000.

Ministry of Economic Affairs this week four(on the 29th) meetings will hear green ability Xu to rise a project performance result report, include breeze electricity, solar energy and LED to push situation.The officials say that government section particularly plan keep on devotion LED key IP of layout, standard of study and establish, our country LED technique efficiency better than mainland, actively fight for mainland domestic market currently, and push cross-straits LED street lamp examination standard.According to reveal, mainland agrees that we establish industry category standard, the different idea involves standard in the nation to establish.

In 25 business opportunities in the mainland, plusing the local market government will accelerate policy strength, hundred million lights, the Lei, east shell, crystal electricity of the Can circle, Bai Hong and light, light wood, one Quan etc.Google TV keyboardthe supply chain operator of LED may benefit.

Cross-straits LED illuminates a business opportunities potential huge, mainland 25 the plans illuminate LED the row cross-straits cooperate one of the three greatest industries points and make selection in 15 in the lighted torch garden of Xiamen to lately set up a trunk highway 3 expect to be thousand, subway No.2 in Guangzhou line 16 stand 50,000 near LED illuminate the demonstration order and will soon complete in the near future.The officials say that then will examine LED lighting efficiency result, once thinking the result is quite good, may expand to each city of mainland.Chinese science and technology department programming, the LED the street lamp model engineering draws up to extend to "50 cities 2,000,000" and packs 2,000,000 LED street lamps in 50 cities.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs traffic light incandescent lamp discards to change for the LED light plan can complete completely in October, this year, LED the traffic light light each one consumes only 17 tileses of electricities, more traditional transportation flash signal consumes to give or get an electric shock 120 tiles and economizes on energy ratio to reach to 85%,led lighting manufacturers after the completion whole country's discarding to change can save 247,000,000 degrees electricity annually, the year saves 5, 600,000,000 dollars electricity charges.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will throw in 150,000,000 dollars budget in the LED street lamp next year and carry on demonstration in county City to discard to change a plan, about 6,000 scales.Officials said that the LED street lamp is each about 20,000 dollars currently, the price is still high.The energy bureau estimates that be LED, the street lamp declines to a half namely below 7,000 dollars, local government namely don't need central subsidy, can adopt ESCO,Smart TV keyboardthe mode carries out, namely from LED light the operator changes to pack for place, the place need not prepare budget and reduce an electricity charges benefit manufacturer and estimate that the operator may recall cost for 5 years, the business opportunities are previous hundred million at least above.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs positive deliberation, the next stage programming encourages the business enterprise ducting LED the indoor to illuminate a product by subsidy, but starts time of subsidy to order to see price, efficiency and life span condition the decision is again.

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