I and Suzhou water complex

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A mad wind outside, he heard the crackling rain beat on the window glass, the sky became dark. Open your books," said Wu of Suzhou Lennon soft" Yunzhi Essencelet me once again immersed in memories of Jiangnan Water bridge.

Two years ago, I and a group of students set foot on the south to train, a delighted to come to "a paradise under Jervois," Suzhou. Perhaps when the intellectual spirit is too heavy, as soon as I get to Suzhou to find traces left by history, few people go forward with great strength and vigour and confusing to go north and South Taihu, the Taihu is found, the other had no harvest, the next day because of work stress and never go into, after 2months after that, a classmate most of them away, then I'm the only one left, find no kin to turn to Suzhou, also had wanted to leave, but the end is not go. Leave students mostly failed to find a satisfactory job, and because of this place higher consumption had to leave. Suzhou is now completely unlike history in Suzhou, although somewhat beautiful retained, but more into the modern materialistic philosophy, so the city, in addition to intentionally preserved cultural relics and other city almost no difference, not to say different words, I can only say that the city is clean, rich in art beauty, because Suzhou economy developed, have the strength to build a city.

But no matter how, the city gave me the deepest memory. Go to Suzhou in the first year of the winter, my girlfriend came to Suzhou,mother day in her words because I was in Suzhou, so she can have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery. Her arrival, let me not be a stranger in a strange land lost and lonely, a beautiful city again how, little bridge running water, beautiful scenery and how utterly is worse than the one you need encouragement and support, fling caution to the winds you stand here to share with you the joy and sorrow of the people, the feelings of pleasure, beauty is beauty, beauty is not a happy mood, but even more boring.

His girlfriend is in northwest inland children, so she has not seen the so beautiful mountains and rivers, excitement is indescribable, perhaps her arrival, her curiosity made me more about Suzhou 's understanding and awareness. Every weekend, we always want to go to some places of historic interest and scenic beauty, because of that poem of Zhang Ji's think constantly of, so first place to go is Hanshan Temple, Hanshan Temple is located in Suzhou City West, is now almost drowned in the building in, it is next to reputable Beijing Hangzhou canal the Grande Canale, now still busy, on the river the vessel in a continuous line, Hanshan Temple stands beside the river, a lot of people, but most are outsiders and foreigners, mostly Japanese, but local people feels contempt, when asked why he said," looking for a long time is not much meaning" it should also be a" rare" that word. Standing in the visitor's point, but have a look that several ancient temples, really have no history of considerable, even if there is also present interests replaced, in any case I cannot imagine a frustrated Zhang Jihui at such a place to write a long poem, perhaps that 's true,office furniture but today the midnight bells will disturb people 's dream.

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