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We the quality of three meals consumedly influence our health on the first, so eat, have very great knowledge.According to the expert of fourth the military surgeon university west hospital nourishment section in the city introduce, the food matches reasonable, the meeting has nourishment to repair with each other, complement each other function, a few following foods matching to call up is "the mandarin duck goes together with".

Different meat whom does the nourishment match each other most ?

Mutton's going together with ginger mutton can repair spirit blood and Wen Shen Yang, the ginger has already relieved pain to dispel rheumatism etc. function, in the meantime ginger since canning go is goaty smell, and then help muttony Wen Yang to dispel cold dint.Twos match, can cure the low back cold pain, and arms and legs rheumatism ache...etc..

The chicken goes together with a chestnut chicken to repair Pi to build blood, chestnut Jian Pi, Pi Jian then more at the absorption of nourishment, benefit's building the blood function will also immediately strengthen and use old hen soup Wei chestnut, the nourishment flavor is beautiful, and the old and the young is all proper.

The duck goes together with a mountain medicine the duck reinforce body fluid and have to eliminate the heat stops coughing of effect.The mountain medicine repairs Yin effect stronger, together eat with duck, can in addition to greasy, repair lung to have the better effect is also.

Fish's going together with bean curd fish and bean curds is all high egg white foods, but protein and amino acids contained constitute all not enough reasonable.If the bean curd protein lacks an egg ammonia sour with depend on an ammonia sour, the fish protein then lacks benzene C ammonia sour, nutritionist calls that it is an incompletion protein, if eat two kinds of foods together, can each other take long repair short, make protein of Be constituted to tend to reasonable.Two kinds of proteins of foods all became complete protein and made use of a value exaltation.

The turtle goes together with honey turtle and honey to cook together, not only the flavor is fluently sweet, fresh beautiful pleasant, and still imply abundant protein, sour unsaturated fatty acid and various vitamins, also such as sad, originally much sour etc. specially strengthen figure composition, have good effect to heart attack, appetite disease, anemic etc..

The liver of pig goes together with spinach liver of pig rich contain folic acid, the vitamin B12 and iron etc. to build blood raw material, the spinach also implies more folic acid and iron.Together eat two kinds of foods, one Hun one vegetable, complement each other, prevent and cure an old-age anemic food to treat good method.

The duck still implies about 0.8%-1.5% inorganic matters.Different from Xu4 Rou BE, the potassium content is the tallest in the duck, 100 grams of edible parts attain about 300 milligrams.Also imply higher iron, copper, and zinc...etc. to measure a chemical element in addition.

In addition to this, all of duck whole bodies are treasures:The duck has to reinforce body fluid to repair falsely, the benefit urine decreases swelling of effect, can cure Yin falsely dropsy, falsely the Lao eats little, falsely win tired, Jian Pi, repair falsely, pure hot keep Yin and big constipation of knot, anemic, the anasarca, tuberculosis and nourishment bad dropsy, chronic kidney blaze etc. disease;The duck blood has to increase the blood, the pure heat counteract poison of effect, can cure stroke and pediatric white Li fish jelly, through come to tide hot, stomach the spirit don't open and don't think food, nourishment huge young the red cell anemic etc. disease;

The duck's egg has to reinforce body fluid to repair falsely, pure hot effect, can pure lung fire, hot cough, larynx pain, can cure a women's postnatal period red and white Li and sheath film to accumulate a liquid is as swollen as scrotum rubber, burn, eczema and varix ulcer, kid indigestion, nose Nyu head the bulge pain, cold and breeze fire various toothache, high blood pressure and lung Yin falsely to of the stem cough, swallow stem and swallow pain, feel vexed, suffer from insomnia etc. disease.

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