Those living already disappeared

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Deep-seated miss a few. Earth has become a village, the village chief is simply unable to manage crayontingso many things, warmhearted became a legend.

So no flames of even March, Letters from home ", an email, an SMS, QQ chat, video, you can solve the problem, at most, went straight to the airport from the bathroom, sleep on the airplane after became each other gargein front of people. So, I see the brotherhood of the sentences of those who express a friend today, and ancient, always feel a bit nauseating and insincere.

"Magpie Bridge cross a transitory man, over a thousand sound jade Lingling the parting there after years of passenger Chang Wang inferior klfedHegu Star." Tanabata was invited to a loved one look into the distance as if bubbling sound of water coming from the Milky Way, and the love of people embrace embracing Tanabata night is simply ravishing love waves in Tianhe, then the United States like a legend.

These have become classical mood. Look at the Valentine's Day, a rose can be sold for $ 99, a glass of red wine can be sold for 999 yuan, but love, whichlofes originally starred seems to have been the life of roses, red wine, villas and BMW props replaced.

When pigeons Happy in heaven to fly, how the United States. A carrier pigeon, it faithfully with a master of letters from home, Sincere's exhortations, lightly moment comes on the windowsill, which compares favorably with the mlikesafe landing of an aircraft. In foggy weather, and I saw the "popping" sound floor of a dove, a closer look is actually an obese bulging bulky RouGe, it must escape the killing of fate.

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