Under cabinet lighting

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You can save a considerable amount of electricity by unplugging unused electronics. Many products still draw power even when they are not turned on. These items can contribute up to 25% of your electric bill!LED spot light dab5d56ck To save even more money - turn off the lights when you leave a room.

You can also use floor lamps instead of the overhead lights when you're working in one area (reading in bed, for example, or watching television). Its called task lighting and instead of lighting a whole room, concentrate on the tasks that require lighting. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen or a bench light in the workshop are examples. Task lighting eliminates shadows and eases strain on your eyes.

Lets not forget the humble dimmer. Dimmers provide an additional way to save energy and money by allowing you to control the strength of the light. With most LED lights, electronic type dimmers need to be used instead of conventional incandescent types. Dimmers create a mood in a room.The dimmer the light, the less energy used, Floodlight Philips and the greater the savings.

DO they make all types of LED replacement lights now - even Fluro tubes?...The answer is YES!
New developments in LED technology have made the humble FLUORESCENT tube outdated. While the fluro tube is relatively efficient by itself, compared to LED tubes, it is a waste of energy and a major contributor to green house gases.

In conventional fluorescent tubes, there is a harmful gas containing mercury vapour, when this is heated by a tungsten cathode, electrons react with phosphor salts inside the tube and cause light. Over 30% of this reaction is in the form of wasted heat. LED on the other hand is the most energy efficient form of lighting available due to its longevity and low heat emission, coupled with solid-state technology.

So here a conventional T8 Fluorescent tube is 36 watts and lasts maybe 10 000 hrs, an LED version is around 16 watts and runs for 50 000 hrs. That means conventional T8 tubes will be replaced 5 times for every one LED tube. These maintenance and replacement costs, not to mention wasted productivity,Candle Light Bulb can now be a thing of the past. By switching to LED, you have a cost effective solution for both profits and the environment. They are great for all types of illumination such as offices, factories and warehouses, car parks - in fact, anywhere a conventional T8 tube is in use.

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