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South, north Sudan leaders to sign agreement from controversy region withdraw troops

According to American medium report way, South African former president Mu shell radicle confirm, south,led lighting residential north Sudan's leadering has already signed agreement on June 20, will from controversy region Bu Yi withdraw troops, and will allow Ethiopian peace- keeping forces to station in that region.

Agreement Mu shell radicle said to the medium, signed according to both parties, Bu the Yi will become a complete demilitarization region."Sudan government soldier will all withdraw, and will at Bu Yi outside deploy.led home lighting"

The Mu shell radicle also calls that the Ethiopian peace- keeping force has been already been ready, will station in as soon as possible Bu Yi.After Sudan south north both parties leadered to sign agreement, the Mu shell radicle carried on a video frequency meeting with UN Security Council right away and looked for this as early as possible taking effect of the agreement.

According to know,12 volt led lighting UN Security Council will hold a meeting to grant and decide to get into Bu the scale of Yi peace- keeping force.

Though the south of Sudan will declare to found a nation on this year July 9, but cross south north boundary in Sudan of Bu the Yi still belongs to "controversy region".Bu the Yi area is about 10,000 square kilometers, is that the petroleum is rich to produce area.Northern Sudan troops seized in May,led lighting design this year Bu the Yi control power.South north both parties all declare to own the sovereignty of that region currently.

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